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World'd Tiniest Phone Ready For Shipment May 2018
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jan 17, 2018


While communication giants seem to struggle to decide the right size for their smartphones, Zanco, an American tech startup, has introduced the tiniest feature phone in the world, the Tiny T1.


The Zanco Tiny T1 offers every basic feature one would expect from a feature phone that includes voice calls and SMS. The Tiny T1 works on 2G networks and boasts a 200 mAH battery that lasts up to three days per-charge, as reported by


The James Bond-like phone features a small OLED 0.49 inch screen with a 64 x 32 pixel resolution and a numeric keyboard. While accuracy may be a problem for user’s fingers, typing is still manageable. A nano-SIM card is compatible with the device, which can also store 300 contacts in its address book.


The Tiny T1 has a 32MB RAM and internal storage of non-expandable 32MB and weighs 13 grams. According to its Kickstarter page, the Tiny T1 is ideal as a backup or emergency phone and as a conversation starter.


For novelty phone enthusiasts, the Tiny T1 can be ordered from Zanco’s Kickstarter page for US$50 . The phone will be ready for shipment worldwide in May 2018.


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