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What Issues Should Be Selected For Stamping Parts?
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

What issues should be selected for Stamping Parts?

What issues should be selected for Stamping Parts? Stamping is a kind of process that USES the punching machine and die to make the stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other kinds of plates and the opposite sex material to make its shape and size. If the material is not well chosen, it is easy to make the defective products, which causes the high cost and so on. Then, the company will share the material of Stamping Parts to choose which problems to pay attention to.

1. The problem of selection of Stamping Parts:

1. In the type of steel plate specification, whether it is a fixed ruler or a roll plate, the material of the same materials and materials shall be different in different prices. Therefore, to reduce the cost, it is necessary to make the effort to make the purchase volume wide, and to ensure the utilization of materials, the volume width of the uncharged volume is selected as far as possible. If the size of the gauge board is selected as far as possible, it is not necessary to make a second cut after the cutting of the steel mill. For the volume plate, choose the volume specification and process of open coiling, reduce the amount of secondary shear and improve work efficiency.

2. The thickness of the plate is deviated, and it is usually in the range of allowable deviation to choose the board of the deviation.

3. Determine the shape and size of the Stamping Parts to expand the sheet, which is the precondition for the analysis of the deformation degree of the Stamping Parts, the design process and the formulation of the process specification. If sheet shape, not only the phenomenon of deformation along the uneven distribution of sheet metal can be obviously improved, but also can improve the forming limit, and can reduce the ear height, reduce trimming allowance. In addition, for some parts that are directly formed after falling materials, if accurate sheet shape and size can be given, the number of test mode modulations can be reduced, thus shortening the production cycle and improving productivity.

4, in product design, material selection, avoid to choose high grade of material caused by excess product performance, at the same time, on the premise of meet the requirements of product, process, try to choose existing models used in the mass production material, material thickness, forming material platform, provide convenience for the subsequent procurement, inventory management. If the key performance requirement of the ordinary cold rolled sheet is its pull ductility, the material with low brand number is chosen as far as possible under the requirement of product quality. In addition to considering the strength and weight of body shape, the material thickness should be taken into consideration. Because of the special thickness, suppliers are hard to supply, and the price is high.

Stamping templates blowout, is one of the most common, but serious, is a template is divided into several blocks. Of course, there are many kinds of conditions of the cause of template directly cracking, purchase materials from mold design to the stamping process, can affect its. Below small make up to sort out the following the blowout reasons of Stamping Parts.

Analysis on the cause of Stamping Parts bursting:

1. Bad material

No demagnetization before production. The production has broken needle break spring and other card material; Assembly die when no leakage excrement, or roll excrement, shoes or shit, this is the most common, assembly of the master if do not pay attention to, like a blanking hole more, or die block, the most easy to appear this kind of circumstance.

2. Design process

The die is not strong enough, the blade spacing is too close, the die structure is not reasonable, the number of template block is not enough.

3. Heat treatment: the tempering process of quenching and tempering can be distorted

It has been proved that the thermal machining quality of die has great influence on the performance and service life of the mould. According to the analysis of the cause of die failure, the "accident" of the die failure caused by improper heat treatment accounted for more than 40 percent.

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