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What Is The Principle Of Dividing The CNC Milling Process
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

 CNC Milling What is the principle of dividing the CNC milling process? CNC milling process division principle mainly includes two types of concentration and dispersion.

  1. Process concentration refers to each process as much as possible to contain other processing content, so that the process simplifies. The advantages of using this centralized principle are mainly conducive to the use of efficient special equipment and CNC milling machine to improve equipment productivity, reduce the cumbersome process, the process streamline, reduce the corresponding production plan, improve operational efficiency on the basis of ensuring the workpiece Precision.

  2. CNC Milling Process dispersion principle refers to the processing of the workpiece is scattered in other processes, each process processing content is small, the advantages of using process dispersion is the processing equipment and process content is simple, easy maintenance and easy maintenance, help to reduce the reasonable amount of cutting , To reduce the CNC milling machine on the workpiece processing time. However, this method because of the long process line, the process is cumbersome, the required equipment and the number of workers have increased

  A) the principle of the process of division of the process can be divided into two different principles, namely, the principle of centralized process and process dispersion principle.

  (1) the principle of centralized process. Means that each process includes as much processing as possible, thereby reducing the total number of processes. The advantages of using the principle of centralized principle are: the use of efficient special equipment and CNC machine tools, machining centers to improve production efficiency; reduce the number of processes, shorten the process line, simplify production planning and production organization; reduce the number of machine tools, To reduce the number of workpiece clamping, not only to ensure that the processing of the surface between the mutual accuracy of the machine tool parts and reduce the number of fixtures and fixture parts of the auxiliary time. But the special equipment and process equipment investment, adjust the maintenance more trouble, the production preparation cycle is longer, is not conducive to conversion.

  (2) CNC Milling the principle of dispersion process. Process dispersion is the processing of the workpiece dispersed in more processes, each process processing content is very small. The advantages of using the process dispersion principle are: processing equipment and process equipment, simple structure, easy adjustment and maintenance, simple operation, easy to change; is conducive to select a reasonable amount of cutting, reducing maneuver time. But the process route is longer, the required equipment and the number of workers, processing center covers an area of large. (B) of the process of dividing the process of the main consideration of the production program, the equipment used and the parts of the structure and technical requirements. Mass production, if the use of multi-axis, multi-knife efficient processing center, according to the principle of centralized production of machine tool accessories; if the combination of machine tool group ...

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