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What Factors Will Affect The CNC Machining Accuracy Upgrade?
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

What factors will affect the CNC Machining accuracy upgrade?
CNC Machining manufacturers after a long period of time found that, for improving the precision of CNC machine tools, the temperature, reverse deviation and gap errors are the main factors, see the specific description below.
The change of temperature affects the static precision and dynamic precision of the machine. In the processing of the CNC Machining plant, the heating of the motor and the friction of the workpiece will cause the temperature change, which will cause the adjustment precision to be lost and the size and precision of the workpiece will be affected. In addition, the temperature changes for the bearing clearance and the relative position of the parts have a certain impact, these effects will reduce the machine machining accuracy.
In the CNC Machining plant processing of the workpiece, the axis of the axis in the transmission process caused by reverse dead zone or backlash, resulting in error phenomenon, its performance is reverse bias. If the CNC machine tools using semi-closed-loop servo system, the presence of reverse bias will affect the positioning accuracy of the machine and repeat the positioning accuracy, affecting the accuracy of the workpiece.
Finally, the gap error, which is in the machine tool drive chain operation caused by the gap caused by the error. When the motor is running, the machine does not produce movement, will cause the vibration of the CNC machine or the larger error.
CNC Machining is different from the traditional processing of a technology, through programming and other processing control, to achieve high-volume precision of the workpiece processing, Langfang CNC Machining plant for you to understand the main advantages of this technology.
CNC Machining process focus, the machine can be automatically tool with a knife, knife library, program control tool change process, the process is very concentrated, will not take up too much space for the CNC Machining plant to save the plant; while reducing intermediate links, saving Processing time and manpower input.
CNC Machining is an automated processing technology. The technical requirements of the workers are reduced, the quality of the workpiece is stable, the processing efficiency is relatively high. The automatic processing eliminates the large number of errors in the operation of the workers, and the consistency of the products and the production efficiency can be improved.
CNC Machining plant of this technology has a high flexibility, the adaptability of the parts, change the program to process new parts, high production efficiency, can better adapt to market competition.
Strong ability is also the main advantage of CNC Machining, it can process a variety of contours of the workpiece, for not scrap parts, the development of new products and urgent need for the processing of the workpiece has a very good adaptability.
CNC Machining is part of the processing technology, its processing processes and traditional machine tool processing technology is similar, but this CNC Machining is more suitable for processing small batch, high precision, complex shape, variety of products more conducive to achieving efficient production and processing, Automated processing.
Then there are those characteristics of CNC Machining?
The biggest feature of CNC Machining is the use of perforated belt control machine automatic processing. CNC Machining processes are more concentrated, you can automatically replace the knife, knife library automatic process to bring us huge economic benefits, small footprint, saving plant; Zonghua high degree, do not need to manually control the tool save time and effort, the technical requirements of workers Reduce the product quality and stability, more conducive to achieving product consistency, compact processing to improve production efficiency; high flexibility, high efficiency can be very good to adapt to today's market, improve market competitiveness; processing capacity.

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