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What Are The Advantages Of CNC Milling Parts?
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

What are the advantages of CNC Milling Parts?

CNC Milling Parts can be seen everywhere in our life, we usually use the spoon, for example, charging treasure case belong to CNC Milling Parts, such as CNC Milling Parts use very method, then what are the advantages of it? Let's take a look at it.

1, CNC Milling Parts from the mold to ensure the size and shape accuracy of CNC Milling Parts, generally does not destroy the surface of the stamping parts quality, and the life of the mould are long so CNC Milling Parts quality is stable.

2, CNC Milling Parts can be processed out of the size range of bigger, more complex shape parts, such as small to watch the stopwatch, big to auto longeron, covering parts, etc., and CNC Milling Parts material hardening effect of cold deformation, the strength and stiffness of CNC Milling Parts was high.

3. CNC Milling Parts machining is efficient and easy to operate, which is easy to realize mechanization and automation. This is because the CNC Milling Parts is rely on die and stamping equipment to complete the processing, ordinary press stroke times per minute can reach dozens of times, high pressure to can reach more than hundreds of times or even one thousand times per minute, and every time stamping stroke can get one piece.

4, CNC Milling Parts, generally no chip broken material generated, less material consumption, and do not need other heating equipment, it is a kind of material, machining method of energy saving, CNC Milling Parts cost is low.

In either technical processing will be because of a failure to make the product appear defect, even the size of precision CNC Milling Parts produced may also there is a difference with the actual size, of course this is the difference as small as possible, so what reasons influenced the accuracy of precision CNC Milling Parts! The influence factors of precision of precision CNC Milling Parts are analyzed.

The precision of precision CNC Milling Parts is the difference between the actual size and the basic size of the stamping parts. The smaller the difference, the higher the precision of CNC Milling Parts. The deviation of the dimension accuracy of CNC Milling Parts is one of the common problems in stamping parts. The precision of precision CNC Milling Parts pieces can be divided into two categories: precision and ordinary. Precision level is the precision that can be achieved in stamping process, and the ordinary level can be achieved with economic means. When the precision of mould manufacturing is high, the dimensions of CNC Milling Parts can reach the ITl0 level and the inner hole size can reach the IT9 level.

Influence factors of precision of precision CNC Milling Parts pieces:

1. Inferior quality of raw materials.

2. Due to improper adjustment of the upper road process or the round Angle wear, the principle of equal volume of the deformation was destroyed, resulting in the change of the size after the blanking.

3. Due to the poor positioning of the operation, or the design of the positioning mechanism is not good, the blank in the blanking process has occurred. Or because the defect of the shear piece (the prismatic, short edge, etc.), it can cause the inaccurate positioning.

4. The blanking order is wrong

5. The size of the cutting edge of the die is very poor

6, CNC Milling Parts on the rebound, in the process of blanking process on the shape of product and the mould work part of next working procedure of the bearing surface shape, make the CNC Milling Parts deformation occurred in the process of blanking parts, elastic recovery after blanking, and thus affect the dimensional accuracy.

7. Bad board.

The influence factors of precision CNC Milling Parts precision are analyzed. Shenzhen kechuang precision hardware electronics co., LTD. As a professional company producing precision CNC Milling Parts, in the process of production strict production standards, control and reduce the production of poor precision CNC Milling Parts, products are exported to all over the world.

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