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To Reduce The Concave And Convex 5 Methods Of CNC Turning Parts
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

To reduce the concave and convex 5 methods of CNC Turning Parts

The causes of the concavation of CNC Turning Parts are mainly caused by the appearance of the raw material or the appearance of the mould, which causes the low appearance of the product and the decrease of productivity. So how do we avoid that? In the following section, we summarize the five methods to reduce the concave and convex of the CNC Turning Parts.

1. Check and correction of the pull model: the pull model needs to be checked and maintained regularly to reduce the occurrence of the convex concave and maintain the stable state. The usual practice is to check the adhesion of the edge ring with the sample and the machining surface (the Angle of the concave mould and the rounded corner).

2. Inspection and correction of the shear mode: the reason of the convex concave after the shearing process is that the iron powder is produced in the shear process, so it is necessary to observe the iron powder to avoid the occurrence of the convex concave before stamping.

Speed: 3, the appropriate manipulator for semi-automatic drawing mold production, when drawing punch in die position, manipulator speed quickly, the burr will fall on the upper punch, convex concave. In order to avoid this problem, we can make the raw material test before the production, reasonably set the speed of the manipulator and the Angle of discharging, so that it won't touch the making parts and the lower die.

4, check the truncation: truncation coil, will produce a lot of wear and tear to cutting mould attached to the blade tiny iron powder, so must be in before stamping production material check double truncation surface area or press line, and the clean sheet to remove burrs.

5, sheet metal cleaning device check: before the stamping production required inspection and repair cleaning settled at the same time, so that it may be more effectively clean sheet, it is also a need to need, and also need to pay attention to the quality of the roll gap and cleaning oil. Method is in detail on a steel plate coated with red paint after wash settle its course, the current check red paint is undone before because of the shape, assume that removal rate is not up to standard, the required inspection and repair cleaning to settle. When cleaning oil is lacking, it must be cut in time.

In order to reduce the concave and convex of the CNC Turning Parts, we can avoid the reduction of the CNC Turning Parts and produce the defective products.

Stamping metal processing is a processing means use most inside, the numerical control turning parts is at room temperature, steel or nonferrous metal plank with mold, such as provided by the press pressure needed for processing and forming for the specified shape. Then how does the hardware stamping factory check the quality of the CNC Turning Parts piece? So let's share with you.

For hardware stamping, we should control the quality of raw materials. The inspection time period can be divided into material acceptance and material cleaning, before production inspection and material. The following five test methods can be used to test the forming CNC Turning Parts parts.

1. Touch test

Clean the surface of the outer cover with a clean gauze. The inspector needs to wear the touch gloves along the CNC Turning Parts piece and the surface touch of the nc lathe. The test method depends on the experience of the inspector. When necessary, the oil stone can be used to polish the suspected area and verify it, but this method can be regarded as an effective quick test method.

Oil and stone sanding

1. First, clean the surface of the outer covering with a clean gauze, then polish it with oil stone, where the arcs and hard-to-reach places are polished with relatively small oil and stone

2. The selection of oilstone granularity depends on the surface condition. Recommended fine grained oil stone. The direction of oil and stone polishing is basically along the longitudinal direction, and it is well fitted to the surface of the CNC Turning Parts piece, and some special places can also add lateral grinding.

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