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To Prevent The Stamping Parts From What Aspects Of Damage To Start
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

To prevent the Stamping Parts from what aspects of damage to start
  Whether in the production process or in use, any part of the negligence will cause damage to the Stamping Parts, which is certainly not conducive to the performance of the product. So we have to find ways to avoid similar problems of the product, in the end need to pay attention to what aspects?
  After analysis, in the production process, mold, processing technology, stamping equipment, materials and other factors are likely to make the Stamping Parts defects, so preventive measures should also be carried out from many aspects. First of all, the use of Stamping Parts of different materials to be targeted, usually using stainless steel.
  When installing the Stamping Parts, pay attention to the size of the product and the installation location, to determine the degree of matching between the two. Stamping Parts in the course of the maintenance is also very important, and to do anti-rust anti-corrosion measures, but also to ensure that the degree of lubrication of the Stamping Parts, because many times the damage is caused by lubrication problems.
A wide range of automotive Stamping Parts, the shape is also very complex, in our daily Stamping Parts production process, many reasons will lead to Stamping Parts of the bad products. We have the first batch of Wuxi can be specialized in the production of various Stamping Parts, with the development and design of high-precision molds, continuous mode, drawing die and a variety of inspection fixture capacity, open mold, stamping, sheet metal manufacturing, static Spraying and other business, with professional testing equipment and strong product research and development capabilities. At the same time we are the United States CIS companies, Philips, Hydro, Taiwan Chi Chi, high green technology, Rieter and other companies to provide long-term equipment supporting services. The company has passed the national ISO9001 quality certification system, with their own import and export rights. We are experienced in the production of Stamping Parts, the following we simply tell you about the production process in the car Stamping Parts, how do we control its quality?
    In the car cockpit dashboard bracket assembly manufacturing process, many cases will find the middle bracket of the left and right face will appear tear or skew phenomenon, often these bad points are mainly distributed in the space hole end, on the one hand waste of material, It will accelerate the aging of the mold, shorten the life of the mold. What causes the above NG to produce it, generally we have to control from the molding time to stress. There is the mold in the course of running long-term wear can not be adjusted, and the mold structure caused by improper design. So we in the production of automotive instrument bracket in the process must be from the technical and management of two strict control.
    To meet the needs of large-scale production of metal Stamping Parts and reduce the labor intensity should be strengthened stamping production mechanization and automation research, so that in general, small pieces of high-speed presses can be used in multi-station progressive production, to achieve a high degree of automation, to further improve the stamping Of the production rate to expand the use of stamping production. Stamping is suitable for both mass production, but also for small batch production; both the production of general precision products, but also the production of precision parts should pay attention to the development of precision blanking (especially thick material (Soft mold and low melting point alloy mold), universal combination mold, CNC punch press and other equipment to use. Hardware Stamping Parts processing technology development process should be accurately determine the process parameters and die part of the shape and size, improve the quality of Stamping Parts, shorten the test cycle of new products should be strengthened on the basis of the theory of stamping, stamping The theory can achieve the guiding effect of the actual production, and gradually establish a close combination of the actual production of advanced technology analysis and calculation methods abroad has begun to use elastoplastic finite element method for the process of car-covered parts of the stress and strain analysis and computer simulation To predict the possibility of a part of the process and the possible problems.

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