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Thought Of Fixing The Machine Tool Industry
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

Many IT industry technical elite in the early 90 's IBM, almost on the verge of bankruptcy. Is a layman does not have IT background, United States BJR biscuit company's CEO Lou Gerstner, ignored the IBM technology-driven thinking IT elite, but stopped worshipping pure technology and start paying attention to technology real value to our clients and responsive to customer needs, hardware, software, and service to the customer a total solution. Gerstner got IBM basic business philosophy-the relationship with the customer. Innovative deep in customer demand, rather than technology. Lou Gerstner saved IBM, its core ideas, as management guru Peter Drucker said: "the starting point of customer value management", which is also characteristic of the service economy. Now IBM and Evergreen GE's service revenue in the manufacturing sector have more than 50% people have them classified as service industries.

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