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The Requirement Of CNC Machining For Feed Drive System
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

The requirement of CNC Machining for feed drive system

Function of nc feed drive system is to realize the actuator movement (rest, slip board, etc.), in order to ensure the nc feed drive system of transmission precision and working stability, in nc feed drive system put forward the following requirements.

1. High transmission accuracy and positioning accuracy

The precision of CNC Machining itself, especially the transmission precision and positioning accuracy of the feed drive device, plays a key role in the machining accuracy of the parts, which is the characteristic index of CNC Machining. In order to ensure the machining accuracy of various transmission parts, the screw nut pair (straight feed system) and worm vice (circular feed system) have higher transmission precision.

2. Small friction

The friction resistance of mechanical transmission structure is mainly from the screw nut pair and guide rail. In nc feed drive system, in order to reduce the friction resistance, elimination of low-speed feed the crawling phenomenon, improve the stability of the whole servo feed system, widely used in rolling ball screw and guide rail and plastic guideway and hydrostatic guideway.

3. Small motor inertia

The inertia of the transmission part affects the starting and braking characteristics of the drive system, especially the high-speed moving parts, which have more influence on the inertia. Reducing the weight of the parts, reducing the diameter and the weight of the rotating parts, CNC Machining in order to reduce the inertia of the moving parts in order to meet the driving strength and stiffness.

4. No gap drive

In order to ensure the transmission precision of the feed drive system, the drive device has no gap drive. The gap drive can be realized by pretightening the ball screw and eliminating the transmission gap between gear and worm gear.

5. Quick response

The fast response characteristic refers to the speed of the input signal to the transmission system and the speed of the transient process. CNC Machining The fast response is the dynamic performance of servo feed system, which reflects the tracking precision of the system. In the process of machining, the worktable should be able to follow the instructions accurately and accurately within the specified speed range, without the step and step phenomenon at run time. The response speed of the feed drive system affects not only the machining efficiency of the machine but also the machining accuracy. Reasonable control of the stiffness, clearance, friction and moment of inertia of the machine tool table and transmission mechanism can improve the fast responsiveness of servo feed system.

Strong capacity for overload

Due to frequent commutation motor and deceleration soon, may also work under overload conditions, this requires motor has a strong ability of overload and general requirements in minutes overload 4-6 times without damage.

7. Good stability and long life

Stability is the most basic condition for the servo system to work properly, especially in low speed feed, which does not creep, CNC Machining and can adapt to the change of load without resonance. The stability of the drive system can be improved by the proper selection of parameters such as inertia, stiffness, damping and gain of the system.

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