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The Principle And Use Of CNC Turning Parts
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

The principle and use of CNC Turning Parts

There are many kinds of lathe, CNC turning pieces, CNC turning pieces and so on.

The CNC Turning Parts usually use the clamping workpiece of the spring clamping device, and the safety operation standard must confirm that there are no hidden dangers to you and other personnel safety and equipment safety. Machine tools are designed for electromechanical integration and must be trained to operate machine tools. Do not operate and adjust machine tools if you do not understand the operation method. Read the instructions carefully and use the system programming instructions to understand the limitations of their use. When the power supply is connected to the machine, three-phase 380V power supply must be used to ensure the reliable grounding of the equipment. Voltage stabilizer must be installed when there is voltage instability in the use area. The machine tool should not be overburdened with heavy cutting, otherwise it will affect the cutting precision and shorten the service life. CNC turning on the main shaft of the main shaft to uninstall the workpiece may cause you to suffer accidental injury. When the operator leaves the machine, the machine must stop running. Proper use of machine tools, according to the design parameters of the processing, do not allow the machine to do the work outside the design scope. Do not change the knife position when the cutter is not fixed. Pay attention to the turning radius of the blade when changing the knife. Avoid cutting tool into workpiece, chuck, tail seat, door. Do not use machine tools in dangerous places. The cutting tool should be in the best condition. The cutter should be sharp and clean to obtain the best cutting effect.

The numerical control turning with fast clamping collet chuck, direct drive spindle motor, the size of disk fast operating lever type, the lateral positioning control turning, part of the numerical control turning pieces with the installation of flange, tailstock, die with threading device, cylindrical can processing, in the round, cutting, end face, cutting groove, tapering, drilling, reaming, tapping screw, milling, grinding, etc. Widely used in electrical appliances, fasteners, automotive, motorcycle accessories, instruments and meters, hardware appliances, stationery, film and television equipment, mechanical and electrical products, plumbing pipe fittings, valves, bearing ring, axial and other small parts, glasses manufacturing production and processing, and other small workpiece is the most ideal high-efficiency equipment hardware machinery processing industry. [1]? Because use hand push feed, fast clamping collet chuck, plunger type limit device, a quick hand plate, motor direct drive spindle running, turning, positioning control of a single continuous processing fixed kinds of artifacts and appearance, and improve working efficiency 10 times more than ordinary lathe, especially suitable for large quantity, small parts processing.

Description of broken type of CNC Turning Parts

There are many types of broken types that are common in CNC turning pieces. Today, corrist briefly introduces 5 points of hope to help you.

1. The knife face wear after the CNC turning is caused by the small number control of the cutting tool and the cutting speed is quickly caused. It is possible to reduce the cutting speed some, and then choose the alloy to cut the hardness to reduce the cutting edge of the CNC lathe.

2. The cutting edge of nc lathe is because the resistance is relatively large when cutting, and there will be a lot of debris falling when feeding. A hard alloy can be used to prevent the blade from being impacted, and the cutting direction can be changed to reduce the collapse of the CNC turning.

3, the numerical control turning crater wear due to the numerical control turning parts use the knife is too soft and mountains in the numerical control turning cutting when the cutting speed and fast, if you can reduce the speed of the numerical control turning a cutting or is to choose the more appropriate material for use can be better.

4. The comb crack of nc lathe is due to the change of temperature, which can crack in the blade when cutting the cutting part of the CNC turning piece, because the cutting tool is hard. So choose a material that can be heat-resistant.

5, the numerical control turning striped wear when the numerical control turning parts hardness with requirement of the cutting speed and workpiece, and then let the friction of tooth chip, to reduce the speed and in choosing wear-resistant alloy.

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