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The Main Part Of CNC Turning Parts
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

The main part of CNC Turning Parts
 CNC Turning Parts by the movement of the working part of the cooling and lubrication part of the horizontal feed part and milling head part of the composition, in order to smooth the operation of CNC Turning Parts, we must understand the various components of the function.
 CNC Turning Parts of the movement part of the work, divided into beds, workstations and lifts, the bed inside a reasonable layout, with good rigidity, the base with four adjustment bolts to facilitate the adjustment of the level of milling machines, as well as cutting fluid storage Liquid tank; the right side of the table has a servo motor, driven by the internal gear wheel precision ball screw drive the table of the vertical feed, the left side with a dial and hand wheel, you can manually operate the feed, bed saddle support and work In the wide horizontal rails on the platform, the guide surface of the saddle is covered with a plastic surface, which improves the precision and wear resistance. It also eliminates the phenomenon of low speed crawling. The left side of the lift is equipped with a locking handle, Equipped with a long handle can drive the lift screw and bevel gear rotation, so as to obtain the lifting platform movements.
   Cooling and lubrication part of the cooling part of the outlet pipe, cutting fluid pump, switch, and nozzle and back to the composition of the liquid, cutting fluid pump in the bottom of the CNC turning of the cavity, the cutting fluid from the base of the reservoir Pumped to the liquid pipe, and then sprayed by the nozzle to cool the cutting area; lubrication part of the use of mobile lubrication, lubrication pump through the oil separator on the guide, spindle sleeve and ball screw lubrication, CNC Turning Parts to maintain good Lubrication and cooling performance, can improve the machine life.
  The horizontal feed section is equipped with an AC servo motor in front of the CNC turning table lift, driving the bed saddle for horizontal feed movement, and the feed handwheel is provided at the front of the horizontal ball screw to realize the function of manual feeding.
   The milling head is made up of milling head and stepped gearbox. The milling head is equipped with ball screw, servo motor, and internal gear pulley and spindle sleeve to form vertical feed chain, making the CNC turning For the vertical direction of linear motion; milling head spindle support in the high-precision bearings, to ensure a good rigidity and rotation accuracy, the use of mechanical stepless speed, wide adjustment range of operation easy, the brake mechanism through the brake handle, Ring so that the spindle immediately braking, making the spindle quickly braking, saving auxiliary time; but when starting the motor, pay attention to release the spindle brake handle.
  CNC Turning Parts not only the processing accuracy of high quality and stability, and a high degree of automation, not only can reduce the operator's manual labor intensity, but also improve production efficiency; but also pay attention to the correct use of reasonable maintenance to fully play 715 CNC Turning Parts The superiority.
First of all to improve the overall quality of the operator, because 715 CNC Turning Parts is mechanical and electrical integration equipment, so the operation is also more difficult, especially the new equipment, in the transport will inevitably be affected by vibration or electronic components, etc., after a period of time There will be a failure in the manual can not find the root cause, it is recommended that manufacturers attach importance to operation and maintenance training, in the future use of constantly accumulated experience, and constantly improve the overall quality of the operator.
   Second, we must strictly abide by the operating procedures to improve the speed of CNC Turning Parts, operating procedures not only to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, but also to extend the use of equipment time, if it is used for the first time or not used for a long time, A few minutes, pay attention to the order of the boot and shutdown, for beginners or less experienced operators should pay attention to, after the first boot or manually use the program instructions automatically return to the reference point; new purchase of CNC Turning Parts to be used as much as possible, virtually Will increase the warranty costs, so as far as possible in the warranty period will be exposed to the weak links, even if there is no production tasks have regular power to run.

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