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The Main Features Of Stamping Parts
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

 Stamping Parts Stamping parts of the main features, stamping parts are mainly metal or non-metallic sheet, with the pressure of the press, stamping die stamping processing, it has the following characteristics:

  ⑴ stamping parts is not in the material consumption under the premise of the stamping produced by the parts of its light weight, good stiffness, and the sheet after plastic deformation, the internal structure of the metal is improved, so that the strength of stamping parts increased The

  ⑵ stamping parts with high dimensional accuracy, uniform size with the same module, a better interchangeability. No further machining is required to meet the general assembly and use requirements.

  ⑶ stamping parts in the stamping process, because the surface of the material from damage, it has a better surface quality, the appearance of smooth and beautiful, which for the surface painting, plating, phosphating and other surface treatment provides a convenient condition.

  Stamping parts of the common problems

  1, bonding, scratches: due to the material and punch or die friction in the parts or mold surface of the poor;

  2, burr: mainly occurs in the shear die and blanking mold, the gap between the edge or large or small hours will be burr;

  3, line offset: parts forming, the first part of the contact with the mold was squeezed and formed a line;

  4, convex and concave: open coil with foreign body (iron, rubber, dust) mixed with convex and concave;

  5, twists and turns: due to uneven stress, pull the ribs bad match or poor control of the press slab caused parts r corner parts or embossed parts twists and turns, strain;

  6, wrinkles: due to poor adjustment of the press slider, press the low accuracy, air pressure adjustment is not appropriate, punch or r parts and other reasons caused by the edge or r part of the wrinkles.

  7, Stamping Parts other specific issues: in the daily production, will encounter punching large or small size (may exceed the specifications) and the size of the larger difference between the case, in addition to forming convex, concave die design size , Processing accuracy and blanking gap and other factors, but also from the following aspects to consider to solve.

  ⑴ punching edge wear, the tensile stress increased by the material, stamping parts produce turning, twisted tend to increase. When punching, the punching size will become smaller.

  ⑵ the material of the strong pressure, so that plastic deformation of the material, will lead to punching size becomes larger. And reduce the pressure, the punching size will become smaller.

  ⑶ convex edge of the edge of the shape. Such as the end of the repair slope or arc, due to the reduction of blanking force, punching is not easy to produce material, twist, so punching size will become larger. And the punch end is flat (no slope or arc), the punching size will be relatively small.

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