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The CNC Milling Range And Scope Of CNC Milling Are Analyzed
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

The CNC Milling range and scope of CNC Milling are analyzed

Milling CNC Milling is one of the most commonly used CNC Milling methods in CNC Milling. It mainly includes surface milling and contour milling. It can also drill, expand, hinge, boring and thread CNC Milling of parts. CNC Milling is mainly suitable for the following parts:

1. Plane class parts

Plane class parts refer to the parts that are parallel to or perpendicular to the horizontal plane, as well as the Angle between the processing surface and the horizontal plane, which can be expanded into a plane.

The three parts shown in FIG. 4-1 are all plane parts. The curve profile A is perpendicular to the horizontal plane and can be machined with cylindrical end milling cutter. The side B of the convex platform is a certain Angle to the horizontal, such processing surface can be machined by special Angle forming milling cutter. For inclined plane C, when the workpiece is small, the slanting plate is used to finish the work; When the size of the workpiece is large, the slope of the slope is lower than the hour, and the cutting and processing method is also used. When the blade is left on the processing surface, the blade can be removed with the cutting method.

2. Straight line curved surface parts

A straight curved surface class is a curved surface that is produced by a straight line of motion. CNC Milling surface as shown in figure 4.2 is a ruled surface, when ruled surface from section 1 to section 2 changes, with the Angle between the horizontal plane from 3 ° 10 'uniform change to 2 ° 32', from section 3 to section 4, and even change for 1 ° 20 ', finally to section 4, uniform Angle changes for 0. Ruled surface parts processing surface cannot be launched for the plane.

When using four or five coordinate CNC Milling to process straight curved surface parts, the CNC Milling surface is in a straight line with the circular contact of the milling cutter. This kind of parts can also be approximated by using the line cutting processing method in three-coordinate CNC Milling.

3. Solid surface class parts

CNC Milling surface for the space curved surface parts called a three-dimensional curved surface parts. The parts machined surface can't show to plane, generally use the ball milling cutter head cutting, processing and milling cutter is always contacts, if use other tool processing, milling injury prone to interference in adjacent surface. The three-coordinate CNC Milling is generally used in the CNC Milling of three-dimensional curved surface parts, and the following two CNC Milling methods are adopted:

(1) line cutting method

The three-coordinate CNC Milling is used for the two-axis and semi-coordinate control CNC Milling, which is the line cutting processing method. As shown in figure 4. 3, ball milling cutter head along the X, y plane curves are linear interpolation processing, when after a curve processing. Feed along the X direction AX reprocessing adjacent another curve. So in order to approach the whole surface with plane curve. The distance between adjacent curves should be based on the surface roughness and the radius of the ball head mill

Selection. The sphere of ball end milling cutter should be chosen as bigger as possible to increase the stiffness of cutter. Improve the heat resistance, reduce the surface roughness value. When processing concave arc the ball milling cutter head radius must be smaller than the minimum radius of curvature of the surface is processed.

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