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Teach You How To Reduce The Risk Of Purchase EDM
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

First is the technology risks: the processing of a product, there may be multiple choice. Once the process is established, to determine the required types and specifications of the machine. For example drilling, drilling or punching, perforating the different processes. Required machine tools can be used vertical machining centers, punch and EDM machines. If it is metal, generally will not be solved by machining center. For complex artifacts, is to focus on the key processes, with multiple processing and machining to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Many domestic customers often don't quite understand and grasp the market situation. Therefore, Sieg must provide drawings or samples, in conjunction with the analysis of application engineers work to prevent major failures.

Second, the selection of risk: each of the specifications of the various types of machine tools, the technical parameters of its performance. Its processing capacity, estimated to be some leeway, not mandamansuan. Cannot, for example, the precision of workpiece machining requirements, control delivery accuracy. Because the NC machine tools, with the passage of time, short or long, precision is lost. Machining center work table size, x, y, z axis machining range, taking into account the dimensions of the workpiece, not completely in accordance with the process the workpiece dimension cross. Processing trade enterprises in particular, constantly shifting orders, workpiece dimensions are not the same. So, for machine processing capacity to rather big not to small.

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