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Talking About The Future Development Trend Of Small CNC Milling Parts
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

Talking about the Future Development Trend of Small CNC Milling Parts
 CNC milling is a high-performance, high-precision, low-noise cutting tool CNC Milling Parts, is through the cam to control the processing of automatic processing machine tools. Suitable for copper, aluminum, iron, plastic and other precision parts manufacturing. The widespread use of CNC Milling Parts greatly reduces the demands on workers and increases productivity. However, once the machine has failed, it often seriously affects the production schedule and brings great losses to the enterprise. Then today's Dongguan Branch CNC Milling Parts manufacturers just like everyone on the CNC Milling Parts daily maintenance and maintenance of the six elements:
First, should not feel the replacement of components. Some maintenance personnel in the failure to determine the components of a component, but the feeling is bad, should be replaced immediately, so that the rate of false alarm is high, the removal of parts of the human damage rate is higher.
Second, the soldering iron should be easily placed in front, away from the repair circuit board. The tip should be properly trimmed to suit the welding of integrated circuits and other components to avoid bumps.
Third, CNC Milling Parts should not be cut off the printed circuit. Some maintenance personnel have a certain experience in home appliance repair, habitual disconnection check, but most of the circuit board CNC equipment double-sided metal orifice or multi-layer hole circuit board, printed circuit board thin, dense, once the cut is not easy to weld , And tangent easy to cut In addition, some points when the adjacent line, cut a line, can not make it and line output need to cut off a few lines at the same time work.
Fourth, the measurement turns off the resistance between the power lines, the measured resistance should be red, black table pen swap measurement twice, the huge value as a reference value.
5, most of the circuit board solder mask layer brush, so the measurement should find the corresponding solder joints as a test point, do not remove the solder pad and some are brush insulation layer, only in the solder joint blade scraping the insulation layer.
6, from the CNC Milling Parts on a circuit board, it should be noted that the location of the corresponding cable connected to the digital record, for a fixed installation of the circuit board, should also provide front and rear, remove the corresponding crimp components and screws. Parts and screws should be placed in a special box, so that will not lose, after assembly, the box of things all used, otherwise the assembly is not complete.
    Master the correct machine maintenance and maintenance methods, not only can extend the life of CNC Milling Parts, but also to their own companies to save an unnecessary loss!
 With regard to the future development trend of small CNC Milling Parts, China's CNC Milling Parts have made great progress in terms of product type, technical level, quality and production, and small CNC Milling Parts have made great breakthroughs in some key technologies The Small CNC Milling Parts in the processing accuracy, automation, production efficiency, labor intensity and other aspects of ordinary machine can not match the advantages. In recent years, China's machine tool manufacturing industry benefited from the country to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry has made great progress, which is leading the current machine tool manufacturing technology level of CNC milling industry even better.
    From China's CNC Milling Parts industry, China's CNC Milling Parts of the regional characteristics of development is very obvious. The regional also clearly reflects the development of China's CNC Milling Parts of the imbalance. Such as some of our old industrial production base, CNC Milling Parts relative to the development of the relative development is still very slow. Hope to have the technical and policy support, China's CNC Milling Parts more and more innovative ability, the enterprise itself is getting better and better. China's CNC Milling Parts of the current characteristics of the industry is very obvious. In Zhejiang, Shandong, Beijing, Hebei and Sichuan region has formed a relatively complete industrial system, on the one hand because these areas of economic development faster, higher level of opening up, is conducive to the introduction of foreign advanced technology. On the other hand, because these areas of the market radiation, such as Sichuan, the economic level is clearly not as good as the eastern coast, but in the southwest region, Sichuan CNC Milling Parts of the market is broad, with the support of the country, so the development of faster.
    At present, China's small CNC Milling Parts enterprises should accelerate the structural adjustment as the future long-term strategic focus, further scientific and technological innovation as the starting point, accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, and strive to achieve from the focus on speed, focus on quality, efficiency, Eliminate low-grade resources, high energy consumption products, to enhance the added value of products, thereby enhancing the small CNC milling industry, the overall level of development of enterprises.

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