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Talk About Some Of The Main Features Of CNC Turning Parts
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

Talk about some of the main features of CNC Turning Parts
CNC Turning Parts, through the last article of learning, we can know that it is the stamping press stamping die made of, and its application is also very much. So, for some of its main features, we are also clearly understand it, I am afraid not everyone can do it, so take advantage of now, Xiaobian to explain it to achieve the above purpose.
CNC Turning Parts, the main features are:
(1) CNC Turning Parts finished, its light weight, good stiffness, and because of the plastic deformation, so that its strength has improved.
(2) it has a high dimensional accuracy, and the same module size is uniform, so it has a good interchangeability, to meet the general assembly and use requirements, no special requirements, etc., can be used directly The
(3) due to the material in the stamping process, the surface is not damaged, so can have a better surface quality. Then, for its further painting, plating and other surface treatment, then you can come to the convenience, and get good results.
In the CNC turning of this product, for all of its knowledge points, we should learn to understand and master, such as its design principles, so the following, since the above has been put forward, it is not too late Immediately to explain the contents of it, hoping to give you some useful, so that we can more understanding of CNC Turning Parts.
CNC Turning Parts of the design principles, the main, mainly have the following, is:
(1) designed by the NC turning parts, must be able to meet their technical requirements, and the use of requirements, but also to be able to facilitate the assembly and repair and so on.
(2) can improve the utilization of materials, reduce material consumption, to minimize the generation of waste.
(3) the shape of CNC Turning Parts should be as simple as possible, but also to be reasonable structure, that is, you should be able to use the least and the most simple stamping process to complete the entire stamping and parts processing, and stamping operation to facilitate.
(4) its finished product size and surface roughness, etc., to meet the requirements, and to be able to guarantee its quality.
In the CNC Turning Parts, I believe that through the front of those articles, we can come to it to a certain degree of understanding, and thus to know what it is, and some other. So, since there is a foundation, and now Xiaobian some free time, then it may wish to go on to explain, in order to enhance everyone on the degree of awareness of the product, so that you can add some knowledge.
Question 1: mold structure and accuracy, as well as its manufacturing costs and service life, which will affect the CNC Turning Parts which?
The structure and precision of the mold will affect the forming and precision of the CNC Turning Parts, and its manufacturing cost and service life will affect the cost and quality of the CNC Turning Parts.
Question 2: stamping equipment, which is generally what?
Stamping equipment, the type is a lot. In general, the thick plate stamping, then it will be used to press and so on. However, for ordinary general stamping, it is carried out with a mechanical press.
Question 3: the workpiece cold stamping, the need for product lubrication?
This is certainly necessary, the reason is because the cold stamping process will quickly increase the temperature, so to carry out lubrication cooling, so as to avoid problems.
CNC turning pieces of the test, the main method, in general, the words are mainly the following, its specific is:
Method one: touch test
First wipe the surface with gauze, and then check the staff to bring touch gloves, and along the vertical direction of CNC Turning Parts to touch. It is a quick and effective way, but need to have some experience Caixing.
Method two: flexible gauze grinding
First use gauze to clean the surface, and then use a flexible sand net to close the surface of CNC Turning Parts, and along the longitudinal grinding of the entire surface to check whether the surface of indentation or pitting.
Method three: oil test
First wipe the surface with gauze, and then the entire surface of the oil, pay attention to the direction of oil to be consistent. After that, put it under the test light, whether there is pitting, ripples and so on.

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