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Status Quo Of Our Wire Cutting Machine And User Guide
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

China of line cutting machine origin Yu in the early 1970 of the 20th century, in implemented market yiqian line cutting machine of development compared slow, main is because at China of electronics compared behind, line cutting machine of production factory are for State-owned enterprise, although technology capacity strong, but due to and market out, coupled with planned of bound production out of line cutting machine not only fault rate high, and performance also is limited (only cutting 50mm thick, efficiency for 20~30mm2/ Min) but anyway this line cutting machine is China unique of a machine, it with abroad of line cutting machine compared although precision low some, but it of manufacturing and the using cost is has absolute advantage of, for those developing countries is very for of, is due to this potential market of needs, in China implemented market yihou, national emerged out has many of line cutting machine production factory, so line cutting market Shang appeared has disorder competition, disorder competition evolution into price competition, to reduced cost, Some technology companies lower production standards, together with the relevant national technology supervision administration are not effective, so that different manufacturers of wire-cutting machine on the market large differences in the quality, the same precision of wire cutting machine and some 10 years does not decay.

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