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Stamping Parts Processing Production Must Pay Attention
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Stamping Parts processing production must pay attention
In the production of Stamping Parts must pay attention to the use of presses or die and other tooling equipment, pay attention to ensure that the normal working conditions, to prevent the strip can not be fed along the correct positioning or not according to a certain gap feeding.
To ensure fastening of the parts around the die, do not change the mounting position of the die to avoid scratching and damaging the surface of the workpiece to affect the quality of the workpiece surface. In preparation of raw materials, be sure to comply with technical requirements, pay attention to the accuracy of the measurement of raw materials, and strictly check the specifications and grades of raw materials.
To regularly check the first piece of Stamping Parts and then production, to strengthen the inspection, as well as to prevent accidents, to prevent the work of parts and guide parts because of long-term operation and wear. Strictly abide by the Stamping Parts processing production should pay attention to matters, careful and careful to avoid unnecessary damage and loss.
Stamping Parts processing hardness testing using Rockwell hardness. Small, with a complex shape of the Stamping Parts, which can be used to test the plane is very small, and is not in the ordinary desktop Rockwell hardness tester. The main purpose of the hardness testing of the Stamping Parts is to determine whether the degree of annealing of the purchased metal sheet is suitable for the subsequent processing of the Stamping Parts. In addition, different types of Stamping Parts are required for different hardness grades. The aluminum alloy plate used for Stamping Parts can be detected by Wechsler hardness tester, the thickness of the material is greater than 13mm can be used when the Pasteurizer, pure aluminum or low hardness aluminum alloy plate should be used Pasteurizer.
Stamping If the process by classification can be divided into two processes of forming and separation process. The index of the forming process is to cause the sheet to undergo plastic deformation without breaking the billet to produce the desired shape and size of the workpiece. The separation process, also known as punching, aims to separate the Stamping Parts from the sheet material along the previously set profile, while ensuring the character requirements of the separation section. In the actual production is often a variety of processes together with a comprehensive operation of the workpiece. Punching, straight, cut, spinning, replacement is often applied stamping process.
Stamping Parts are mainly metal or non-metallic sheet with the pressure of the press, stamping die stamping processing it mainly has the following characteristics: 5 gold Stamping Parts stamping sheet surface and epitaxial listening to the quality of the impact of stamping Large, begging stamping data thickness rough, uniform; surface bright without spots, no scars, no scratches, no surface cracks;
Uniform strength without uniformity; uniform stretch rate; yield ratio is low; low work hardening; Stamping Parts with high dimensional accuracy of the same size with the module uniform, with good interchangeability.
Do not need further machining to meet the general requirements of the assembly and use; Stamping Parts in the material under the premise of little damage, the stamping forced out, the parts of the light weight, good stiffness, and sheet metal through plastic deformation The internal structure of the metal to improve the structure, so that the strength of the Stamping Parts have progress; Stamping Parts in the stamping process due to the material from the inside of the material without crushing, it has a better inner quality outside the slide play good, this for the inner painting, And in addition to the inner disposal of the supply of any conditions.

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