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Some Factors Are Caused By The Deformation Of The CNC Milling Parts
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Some factors are caused by the deformation of the CNC Milling Parts
 CNC Milling Parts in the CNC lathe processing process encountered the biggest problem is the deformation of CNC Milling Parts, CNC Milling Parts of the deformation caused by what factors?

1, residual stress:

  Metal materials in the formation process, the arrangement of metal crystals is not the ideal state of the neat arrangement, the size and shape of the crystal is not the same, there is the original residual stress, with the slow release of time, resulting in a certain deformation. In addition, during the machining of precision parts, the plastic deformation of metal cutting and the friction heat between the CNC Milling Parts and the workpiece make the temperature difference between the machined surface and the inner layer larger, resulting in greater thermal stress and forming thermal stress plastic deformation. The deformation caused by the metal cutting process is not caused by a single cause, often a combination of several causes of the structure, and this combination in the processing process is not immutable, with the processing of the ever-changing, which kind of The reason for the deformation of the greatest impact, it is difficult to judge, can only start from the cause of deformation, to take the appropriate process, to minimize processing deformation.

2, cutting movement:

  The cutting process is the process of the CNC milling and workpiece interaction, which allows the CNC milling part to remove part of the material from the workpiece. The cutting movement causes the phenomenon of squeezing, stretching, pulling off between the crystal particles of the material, which causes the displacement of the atoms of the crystal to form irreversible plastic deformation.

3, clamping force:

  As the CNC Milling Parts thin wall parts of the wall is relatively thin, regardless of the use of tiger clamp clamp or chuck clamping, will produce horizontal or radial clamping force, will inevitably produce clamping deformation. Clamping the degree of deformation with the size of the clamping force, clamping force if large, it will form an irreversible plastic deformation. If it is smaller, it will form elastic deformation, elastic deformation will be restored after the parts unloading, but the cutting process is not restored when the elastic deformation of the time, the recovery of a single elastic deformation of the parts will be processed after the new deformation.

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