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Shenyang Machine Tools Of The World's First Intelligent CNC System Development Team
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

Zhu Zhihao see clearly, not all innovations can airness, if we blindly follow behind others, caught up with will fall behind, because the international advanced enterprises tend to have several generations of technology stocks. "We grafted forward-looking orientation of innovation in the Internet industry, make our CNC systems cloud from the outset made genes, out of the ordinary. "Zhu Zhihao think innovation is critical, it must have the industrialization, information technology, networking, intelligent, integrated features of the era, and the" five "head happens to be the English word" I "," i5 "derived CNC system name.

Also knows Shenyang machine tool in abroad doing this stuff, Germany, and Japan counterparts come watch, put down almost the same words, "don't we just wait and see." As a general rule, whose digital bus can only use one software product, digital control system bus technology monopolized by multinational corporations artificially and thus closed. Cooperation on research and development, and don't even have a door, from enterprises to society, whatever justice denied the skills drain, has risen in the developed world as a whole.

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