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Intelligent Sensors And Instrumentation Industry Policy Support
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

In addition, encourages and supports enterprises through mergers, shareholding reform, technology and other means to market, foster leading enterprises and innovative enterprises. Identify the policies comply with the relevant conditions of the sensors and intelligent instruments and meters enterprises can enjoy relevant preferential tax policies.

Sensors and intelligent instruments in China in recent years has made remarkable development, and have a broad space for development, and application. In strategic industries, industrial networking, environmental protection and food safety, heritage preservation and heritage plays an important role in such areas. The new policy, will greatly promote the development of sensors and intelligent instrument and meter industry, accelerating intelligent instrument replacement upgrade, related businesses also benefit. Under the environment of the urbanization, industry demand is pulling, intelligent process also promotes related instrumentation needs upgrading, market share increased long term prospect of intelligent sensors and Instrumentation industry very well.

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