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How Will Future CNC Milling Be Achieved?
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

How will future CNC Milling be achieved?
The future of CNC Milling will be nano, or even atomic processing units, machinery manufacturing cutting method of processing methods will be completely changed, the need for cross-border processing methods to achieve ultra-precision, that is, the application of chemical energy, electrochemical energy, thermal energy or electricity to achieve Ultra-precision, so that these energy beyond the binding energy between atoms. So as to achieve the removal of the workpiece surface of the other attached, combined or lattice deformation, to achieve the purpose of CNC Milling, applied to the processing of mechanical chemical polishing, ion sputtering and ion implantation, electron beam detonation, laser beam processing, And molecular beam epitaxy, etc., by the above method of treatment, the removal of the surface material or add a very fine control, ultra-precision machining accuracy.
 Parts in the process of CNC Milling is also the existence of processing errors, when the processing error is small, the accuracy is high; the contrary, the accuracy is low.
  Parts in the process of CNC Milling, mainly affected by the following conditions
1, dimensional accuracy
The actual dimensions of the parts after CNC Milling are the dimensional accuracy of the dimensions of the parts. Dimensional accuracy is controlled by dimensional tolerances. Dimensional tolerances are the allowable amount of change in part size during machining. In the case of the same basic size, the smaller the dimensional tolerance and the smaller the dimensional accuracy.
2, shape accuracy
The actual geometric shape of the surface of the part after CNC Milling is consistent with the ideal geometric shape. Accuracy of the shape of the project has a straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindrical degree, line contours and other 6 items. Shape accuracy is controlled by the shape of the tolerance, the shape of the tolerance, in addition to roundness, cylindrical degree of 13 precision levels, the rest are divided into 12 precision levels. Level 1 highest, lowest 12 level.
3, the location accuracy
The accuracy of the actual positional accuracy between the parts related to the surface after machining of the CNC Milling is the position accuracy. The items with the accuracy of the position are parallelism, verticality, inclination, coaxiality, symmetry, position degree, round beating and full beating. Position accuracy is controlled by position tolerance, and the position tolerance of each item is also divided into 12 precision levels.

 Shanghai West code machine to remind you: If you want to ensure the accuracy of parts processing, processing should pay special attention to dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and position accuracy.

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