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How To Choose CNC Turning
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

How to choose CNC Turning

I. model selection

On the premise of meet the requirements of processing technology equipment, the simple risk is smaller, turning processing center and numerical control turning can be machining axial parts, but a satisfied processing same specifications of the price is more expensive than the numerical control turning turning center several times, if there is no further process requirement, must choose the numerical control turning less risk. In the same economy and ordinary CNC Turning, we should choose the economic nc turning. In processing box, mold and die parts, with the specifications of the nc milling machine and machining center can meet the requirements of basic processing, but the difference between two kinds of machine tool price about half (not including gas source, knives, library and other supporting fee), so only very frequently in the mould processing in cutting tool technology to choose processing center, fixed a long milling of the cutting tool, choose CNC milling machine. At present, many machining centers are used in nc milling machines. Can the numerical control turning processing engine lathe parts often can also processing, CNC milling machine can processing parts for most ordinary milling machine can't, so in both axial parts and enclosure, mold parts integrated machining enterprises should first choose CNC milling machine.

2. Selection of CNC system

In the purchase of CNC Turning, the same machine tool can be used to configure various numerical control systems. Should as far as possible choose NC embedded PC structure or SOFT structure of open CNC system, this kind of system of CNC software in a computer, and hardware part is just on the computer and servo drive and external standardization common interface between 1 / O, as can be installed on a computer all kinds of brand sound card, graphics card and the corresponding driver, user can on WINDOWSNT platform, the use of open CNC kernel, the development of the needed functions, various types of CNC system. There are many alternatives to other numerical control system the basic function of the function, the user can according to your own workpiece machining demands, measurement requirements, programming, etc., to choose a few extra functions listed in the order contract in the attachment, especially the real-time transmission of DNC functions, etc.

Advantages of CNC Turning:

1, covers an area of the numerical control turning greatly save the machine tool, through the change in the direction of feed cutting feed from the original level or sloping direction, into a top-down car feed, make the guide rail can be placed on the workpiece after above, reducing the distance of workpiece relative operators, makes it easy to observe the turning workpiece condition, make it easier for the operator handling tools.

2 below, the numerical control turning the traditional artifacts and rear guide rail on the top of the workpiece, greatly increased the workpiece cutting clearance space, make the clearance more smooth chip capacitors, with larger space to avoid the influence of iron accumulation for processing.

3. The CNC Turning will put the guide rail at the top of the independent structure, making it easier to protect the guide rail, and the water and debris dust will not easily enter the guide rail and pile up on the guide shield. Improved service life of hard rail or line rail.

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