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How Does CNC Milling Parts Reduce The Possibility Of Damage?
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

How does CNC Milling Parts reduce the possibility of damage?
In the CNC Milling Parts processing, with a variety of presses and special tools installed on the press, through the pressure of the metal material to produce a variety of shapes or parts of the desired shape, this special tool collectively referred to as metal mold.
Metal mold life and mold structure design, mold steel selection, heat treatment, surface treatment, machining grinding, wire cutting process, stamping equipment, stamping materials and technology, mold lubrication, maintenance and repair level and many other factors. Among them, the mold failure caused by various factors, the mold structure is not fair, improper selection of about 25%, heat treatment accounts for about 45%, about 10% of the technical problems; equipment problems, lubrication and other factors accounted for about 20%. Gold CNC Milling Parts should be paid attention to maintenance after installation to prevent rust erosion. In the daily use of light to light off, to prevent hard off hard open, causing damage.
1, with the hardware accessories model, specifications and performance should be consistent with the current national standards and the relevant delineation, and with the selection of products related to match.
2, for some of the force, and relatively easy to contact with the air of the product, should be a reasonable use of the corresponding metal material.
3, with fastening screws to install hardware, must be equipped with metal liner, liner thickness should be at least twice the distance between the fastener teeth. Do not fasten the plastic profile, nor use non-metallic lining.
4, CNC Milling Parts should pay attention to maintenance after installation to prevent rust erosion. In the daily use of light to light off, to prevent hard off hard open damage. There is no noise there is now the nylon wheel. It is not only pull up is no noise, and more smooth and light; poor pulley from the surface to see more rough workmanship. No smooth, slippery is not flexible small and light.
When we buy their CNC Milling Parts in daily life, we can first observe the appearance of CNC Milling Parts whether there are abnormal phenomena, or the existence of their products are missing, if we do not buy this product.
If we happen to have a gauze, we can clean the gauze on its surface, with a gauze towel CNC Milling Parts of the surface, and polished the entire surface, if the surface of the pitting, indentation and other phenomena, Do not buy this product.
Or our oil test method to detect it. First of all, we need to clean the surface of the CNC Milling Parts, and then use a clean brush in one direction smear on the CNC Milling Parts of the outer surface, plus the CNC Milling Parts into the light below to test, then we It is easy to find the surface of CNC Milling Parts are pitting, ripple phenomenon.
CNC Milling Parts can not meet the required bending height Reason: simply use V-shaped bending, L-shaped bending processing, up to 10 ± 0.1mm size requirements. Reason: V-shaped bending, the material between the convex and concave in a free state, resulting in misalignment. In the L-shaped bend, the bending radius, the size of the die radius and the degree of fineness of the side wall result in an increase in the friction force to pull the material into the die, and the length of the material in the male mold is reduced.
CNC Milling Parts are mainly metal or non-metallic sheet with the pressure of the press through the stamping die, stamping processing it mainly has the following characteristics: CNC Milling Parts are in the material consumption is not under the premise of the stamping produced Its parts of light weight, good stiffness and sheet metal after plastic deformation of the internal metal, the structure of the organization to improve the strength of CNC Milling Parts have improved. CNC Milling Parts with high dimensional accuracy with the module size uniformity, consistent with a better interchangeability does not require further mechanical processing, to meet the general requirements of the assembly and use.

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