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How Do You Test CNC Milling Parts?
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Sep 13, 2017

How do you test CNC Milling Parts?
CNC Milling Parts, the inspection of its work, which is also an important aspect of the product in terms of. So, based on this factor, and now Xiaobian some free time, then the following, to the specific good description of its content, so that we can learn clearly understand, to thoroughly understand and master, and then can be well applied to Actually gone.
CNC Milling Parts of the test, the main method, in general, the words are mainly the following, its specific is:
Method one: touch test
First wipe the surface with gauze, and then check the staff to bring touch gloves, and along the CNC Milling Parts of the vertical touch. It is a quick and effective way, but need to have some experience Caixing.
Method two: flexible gauze grinding
First wipe the surface with gauze, and then use a flexible sand net to close the surface of the CNC Milling Parts and polish the entire surface along the longitudinal direction to check whether the surface is indentation or pitting.
Method three: oil test
First wipe the surface with gauze, and then the entire surface of the oil, pay attention to the direction of oil to be consistent. After that, put it under the test light, whether there is pitting, ripples and so on.
CNC Milling Parts, in the production process, sometimes encountered some problems. However, the encounter is not terrible, the key is, how to correctly deal with and deal with, this is the most important. Therefore, for this reason, the following Xiaobian for some specific issues, to carry out the specific analysis of its reasons, so that we can have a correct understanding, which can be calmly and resolved.
CNC Milling Parts of the common problems, and its specific reasons, which are mainly the following, specifically for:
Adhesion, scratches: mainly because of the material and die or punch there is friction, or mold surface appears a bad phenomenon.
Burr: mainly due to the gap between the blade is too large or too small.
It has a foreign matter on its unwinding line and is mixed with the mold.
Wrinkles: mainly due to low precision, the pressure is not adjusted and so on.
Twists and turns: mainly should be uneven stress, pull the ribs do not match, or press the slider control bad. There is, embossed parts have strain or twists and turns.
 At present, many factories will be CNC Milling Parts production, CNC Milling Parts in the 5 gold industry in the field of recognition, and he also plays an important industrial role, but how to improve the success rate of production to prevent damage to CNC Milling Parts? Xiao Bian made the following summary.
First, improve the mechanical equipment. China now has a lot of companies for CNC Milling Parts, molds and equipment processing and research, so CNC Milling Parts production plant, you can use the improved machinery and equipment, the use of CNC Milling Parts. This will improve the service life of the equipment, while the production of CNC Milling Parts, specifications, the appearance of sophisticated.
Installation protection mode, CNC Milling Parts in Hebei CNC Milling Parts for the processing and production, we need to use the installation of the protective mode, to avoid the production process due to the small amount of processing, processing skills are not refined and has been prepared Of the CNC Milling Parts, causing damage to the impact of market sales affect its value to play, so we need to install protective tools. He can in the production process, to protect the production of formality and accuracy, to prevent improper way due to product specifications are not standard.

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