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How Do Stamping Parts And How To Eliminate Internal Stress?
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

How do Stamping Parts and how to eliminate internal stress?
 Car Stamping Parts, from the property point of view, is the Stamping Parts of this category. So, want to thoroughly and fully understand the car Stamping Parts, then it is necessary to understand the stamping of the whole, so that we can have the overall understanding, and, so, but also broaden our knowledge, So why not?
    1. Is the main process stamping in Stamping Parts? Its specific words, what is it?
    Stamping Parts, the main process is for stamping, so for question one, the answer is yes, that is, it is for sure. In particular, it is through the machine equipment, to the material to exert a certain external force, to produce plastic deformation, or plastic separation, and thus, you can get the desired shape or size. In addition, stamping and forging, belong to the plastic processing, can be collectively known as forging.
    2. What are the general quotas on Stamping Parts? As well as what materials do they use?
    For the Stamping Parts to offer, in general, is to take into account the material costs, profiles die costs, stamping die costs, fixture fees, stamping costs, machining costs and other specific aspects, in addition, there are surface treatment in this regard. As for the Stamping Parts can be used on the material, there are hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel strip, and cast iron these three.
   3. Calculate the use of Stamping Parts tonnage, can be accurately calculated, or only based on experience to estimate it? And how to eliminate the internal stress of the Stamping Parts?
   Calculate the use of Stamping Parts tonnage, the general, is based on experience to estimate, rather than can be accurately calculated, because there is no relevant formula can be used. As for how to eliminate the internal stress of the Stamping Parts, it is possible to perform a stress relief annealing process during the pressing process. However, in the specific process, should be based on Stamping Parts of the material and requirements, to determine.
 This is related to the site keywords, because it contains a car stamping part of this one, so it is also to be familiar with and understand it in order to be able to further understand and understand the car Stamping Parts, and at the same time, you can also broaden Their own knowledge, that is, from the study of a lot of benefit. So then, may wish to proceed immediately to do it, so that we can also some harvest and inspiration.
    1. What are the benefits of Stamping Parts, which are hot stamping? And which parts can it be used in the production of parts of the car?
    Stamping Parts, which use hot stamping molding of this process, it can bring the benefits, mainly to achieve the lightweight production of cars, and, effectively improve the strength of Stamping Parts. In addition, it is molded at a high temperature, and therefore, it is advantageous in that the forming accuracy is excellent in forming performance, and there is no rebound problem. It can use the car parts, there is a collision beam, safety parts and body structure of the three.
   2. Stamping Parts using hot stamping, then the process, which is mainly what?
   Stamping Parts, if the use of hot stamping, then, in the specific process, the main are the following, is:
    Blanking: That is, the sheet is punched into the desired outer contour blank for subsequent processing.
    Austenitizing: It consists of two stages of heating and holding. The purpose of its processing is to heat the material to the appropriate temperature, so that it has a good plasticity.
    Transfer: The heated material is removed from the furnace and then fed into the thermoforming mold. Its key point is to be fast, if the speed is too slow, it will affect the quality of finished Stamping Parts.
     Stamping, quenching and subsequent processing: the material is Stamping Parts, at a certain temperature, so as not to affect the material forming performance. When the material after molding, the mold to die clamping pressure for a certain time, so that the material has a good performance, but also for quenching. In the follow-up treatment, mainly some of the surface treatment, or drilling and other small processing.

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