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Homemade Mold Will Replace Imported Stamping Die
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

Stamping die stamping technology of producing essential equipment, is technology-intensive products, due to technical constraints, China each year have to be imported from abroad a lot of stamping dies. However, along with the continuous improvement of productivity of punching die, die in China both in capacity and in the technical aspects have been improved, China's domestically produced stamping die stamping die for cheap advantage is gradually replacing imports.

At present, the continuous development of stamping die technology in China, precision stamping mould is capable of producing cameras and mobile phone mould, multi-cavity mold of small module gear and precision 5mm 7800 cavity plastic package die. Large sophisticated pedal pressure die-casting escalator has been able to produce whole mold, die casting mould for automobile rear axle gear box, and automobile engine shells casting molds, etc.

As the mold manufacturing technology continues to improve, stamping die manufacturing technology in China more and more subtle, gradually catch up with the developed countries, which mainly presents: products continues to a large, sophisticated, complex and rapid economic development; technology rising; shortening manufacturing cycle; stamping die production will continue in digitization and Informatization, fine, high speed and automated direction.

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