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CNC Turning Parts Remanufacturing Key Technology And Application Of Significant Results
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Sep 13, 2017

CNC Turning Parts remanufacturing key technology and application of significant results
Green manufacturing is the new direction for the future development of China 's automobile industry. With the accelerated pace of car into the family, China's auto industry ushered in an unprecedented opportunity, the car brought about by the environmental problems have gradually highlighted. From the automobile manufacturing, use, maintenance to recycling and other aspects of the full realization of the green, so that the harmonious development with the environment, and through scientific and technological innovation to achieve environmental protection and energy conservation, green manufacturing concept, throughout the entire automobile manufacturing process, making green manufacturing has important Strategic significance.
The project started in 2006, for the control of waste CNC Turning Parts remanufacturing life testing, damage CNC Turning Parts preparation and forming integration, rapid prototyping remanufacturing, equipment operation in situ remanufacturing technology, carried out CNC turning Research on remanufacturing evaluation theory, residual life evaluation technology, nano-composite surface application technology, digital forming technology of NC turning parts, in-situ remanufacturing technology of friction damage, remanufacturing quality control and virtual detection technology, etc .; independent research and development The use of waste CNC Turning Parts defects, cracks and stress integrated detection equipment, automated surface engineering re-manufacturing plane and other key equipment, with the formation of the characteristics of Chinese characteristics of the size of the recovery engine engine manufacturing technology system. It has great technological innovation in the field of remanufacturing CNC Turning Parts residual life evaluation theory, nanocomposite surface preparation and forming integration technology, plasma rapid prototyping remanufacturing technology and automatic grinding and manufacturing of CNC Turning Parts such as cylinder block, crankshaft and connecting rod Sex. Developed with independent intellectual property rights of the old CNC Turning Parts of non-destructive testing and residual life assessment equipment, automated surface engineering remanufacturing equipment, and in the engine remanufacturing demonstration line into production and use, formed a demonstration of the industrialization of the Chinese characteristics of the CNC Turning Parts re-manufacturing demonstration line, the overall technology reached the international advanced level, a number of innovative achievements in the leading international, energy saving, materials, environmental protection effect is obvious. The demonstration production line to achieve the annual production and remanufacturing CNC turning pieces of the capacity of 30,000 pieces. The efficiency of the old part of the engine is 90%, the labor intensity of the workers is reduced by 70%, the working efficiency is improved by 140%, the working environment is improved, the quality of the CNC Turning Parts is improved, and the economic and social benefits are obtained. China's CNC Turning Parts remanufacturing industry development has laid a very good technical foundation. At the same time, the research results of the subject in the future in the automotive, machine tools, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, chemical metallurgy and other fields widely promoted.
"CNC Turning Parts remanufacturing" in China is still a new thing. It can make the damaged NC turning parts in the design, manufacture, use, maintenance of the whole life cycle after the "new life" to help the automotive industry to achieve sustainable development. Compared with the manufacture of new products, remanufacturing can save 50% of the cost, 60% energy saving, saving 70% of raw materials, to achieve great social benefits. At the same time, with the improvement of the market and the scale of expansion, remanufacturing industry's gross margin will be much higher than the new manufacturing industry's gross margin, to achieve visible economic benefits. Can take both social and economic benefits, CNC Turning Parts remanufacturing industry should have a bright future.
And even the bright future in the front, a sunrise industry's growth or need to start from the most realistic things:
First, cultivating the market needs to reverse the consumer to remanufacture CNC Turning Parts of the misunderstanding, so that more consumers accept the use of remanufacturing CNC Turning Parts of the concept. Remanufacturing CNC Turning Parts is not equivalent to a simple beat repair, nor is it equivalent to second-hand goods, but the full use of high-tech means to repair the original product or even upgrade. To ensure that consumers use remanufacturing CNC Turning Parts is lower than the price of new products, and the same quality and new products. At the same time the relevant enterprises also need to establish a sound professional distribution, service system to ensure that consumers buy remanufactured CNC Turning Parts to enjoy and purchase the same new convenience services.

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