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CNC Steering Commonly Used In Various Instructions
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

CNC programming commonly used in a variety of instructions, different CNC lathes, the programming function instructions are basically the same, but there are individual functional instructions are different definitions, here to FANUC-0T system as an example of CNC lathe basic programming function instructions.

  1. Fast point positioning command (G00)

  CNC Turning This command causes the tool holder to move quickly from the current point of the tool holder to the target point by the point control mode at the fastest speed set by the machine tool plant. This command does not require a trajectory, nor does it specify the feedrate.

  2. Linear interpolation command (G01)

  This command is used to move the tool holder in a straight line or slash from the current point to the target point at a given feed rate, allowing the tool holder to move linearly in the X or Z direction or in a two- X, Z axis for any slope of the linear motion.

  If the feedrate F value has been given in the previous program and does not need to be changed, the program can not be written. If the axis is not fed, the axis instruction can be omitted in the instruction.

  3. Circular interpolation command (G02, G03)

  CNC Turning This command is used for the tool holder for circular motion to cut out the circular contour. G02 for the tool holder in the clockwise direction for circular interpolation, and G03 is in the counterclockwise direction of the circular interpolation.

  4. Thread cutting command (G32)

  This command is used to cut cylindrical threads, tapered threads and face threads.

  5. Pause command (G04)

  This command allows the tool to pause for a short period of time (n seconds) for feed finishing. Mainly for turning ring groove, not through the hole and automatic processing thread and other occasions,

  6. Automatic Homing Instruction (G28)

  CNC Turning This command causes the tool to be automatically returned from the current position to the machine origin or by an intermediate position to the machine origin

  The coordinates in the instruction are the coordinates of the midpoint, where the X coordinate must be given by diameter. When returning directly to the machine origin, simply set the current position to the middle point. The tool reset instruction T00 must be written in the same block or before the block of the G28 instruction. The tool returns to the machine origin in a quick way.

  7. Workpiece coordinate system setting command (G50)

  This command is used to set the position of the tool starting point (tool point) relative to the workpiece origin, that is to set a workpiece coordinate system, and some CNC system with G92 command. The instruction is a non-motion instruction, only the pre-register function, generally as the first instruction on the front of the entire program.

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