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CNC Milling Parts To Determine The Number Of Processes And What Is Cold Stamping
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

CNC Milling Parts to determine the number of processes and what is cold stamping
    For CNC Milling Parts, because it contains the automotive CNC Milling Parts of this website products and keywords, so we need to learn the whole of CNC Milling Parts and understand that this can also contribute to the automotive CNC Milling Parts Of the learning work, thus, to broaden their knowledge, and to enrich their knowledge.
   1.CNC Milling Parts, the heat treatment strength, whether it must be lower than the strength before the heat treatment?
   This question, the answer is not necessarily because of its key, or depends on the heat treatment process, mainly heat treatment temperature this one. In general, the metal after cold stamping processing, the brittleness will increase. Therefore, it is heat treated or blackened to improve the plasticity of CNC Milling Parts. If it is for the low temperature process, then its strength is reduced, but if the use of high temperature annealing, then it will not have a great impact.
    2.CNC Milling Parts of the number of processes, how to determine?
    CNC Milling Parts, the number of processes on it, in general, it refers to the same nature of the process, the number of its repeated. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of CNC Milling Parts of this premise, should minimize the number of processes, so that can improve the efficiency of the workpiece, as well as improve its economic efficiency. Moreover, the request is to be strictly enforced, can not have the slightest sloppy and lax, to ensure that the above effect.
    3.Cinc milling parts of the cold stamping, which specifically refers to what? In addition, punching and bending these two processes, which is the first?
    CNC Milling Parts of the cold stamping, from the professional point of view, it refers to the use of press on the die, to the material to exert a certain pressure to separate or plastic deformation, thus, to get the desired product. The punching and bending of these two processes, in general, is the first punch after the bend, in order to carry out the processing of CNC punch. However, in some special circumstances, it is necessary to first punch after punching.
  In the automotive CNC Milling Parts, I believe we through the previous study, is not unfamiliar, at least, not unfamiliar with it, and, should also have a certain accumulation of knowledge, and reached a certain degree. Then, may wish to hot ironsmith, and from its price in this regard to start, to continue the site of the product learning, and then, to increase their expertise in this area, and from the new gains.
    1. Does the price of the CNC milling machine for the car contain the price of the mold? As well as if it is to be customized, then, is it more expensive than ordinary car CNC Milling Parts?
    Car CNC Milling Parts price, which is included in the price of the mold, and that is also no doubt. And, in the mold price, which mainly includes the mold structure and mold materials, these two parts, in addition, there are mold types this one. If the car CNC milling part is custom type, then its price is higher than the average car CNC Milling Parts price, so the question two, the answer is yes.
    2. CNC CNC Milling Parts prices, the relevant factors, what?
    Car CNC Milling Parts price, its related factors, there are a lot of. If it is summary summary, then, there is mainly area area, specification type, etc., and, in addition, it is related to manufacturer. Different manufacturers, in the automotive CNC Milling Parts on the offer, is certainly different.
    3. Is the size of the large and small CNC Milling Parts in the CNC milling of the car in the same price?
    The price of these two kinds of CNC Milling Parts, it is certain that they are not the same, because they are not the same in size, material consumption and cost. So that they lead to their price in the car CNC Milling Parts, is also different, can not be consistent. In addition, the processing of the use of machinery and equipment, it is possible, there is a difference.

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