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CNC Milling Machining Principle
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

CNC Milling machining principle

1 CNC Milling machine tools, machine tools ontology ontology is similar to conventional machine tools, the main shaft transmission device, feeding device, bed, table and auxiliary motion device, hydraulic pneumatic system, lubrication system, cooling device, etc. But CNC Milling in the overall layout, style, driving system, the structure of the cutting tool system and operating mechanism and so on have been great changes have taken place, the purpose of this change is in order to meet the requirements of CNC Milling and give full play to the characteristics of the CNC Milling.

2. CNC unit CNC unit is the core of CNC Milling. The CNC unit consists of three parts: input, processing and output of information. CNC unit to accept digital information, through numerical control device of control software and decode, interpolation, logical processing logic circuit, the various instructions information output to the servo system, servo system driver operating components as feed movement.

The input/output device input device transmits various processing information to the external equipment of the computer. Early in CNC Milling, the input device for the punched tape, has been eliminated, later developed into the cartridge, and then developed into the keyboard, disk, such as portable hardware, greatly convenient for information input work, now the general input DNC network communication serial communication way. Output refers to output the internal working parameters (including the original parameters of machine tool, the ideal work normally, the fault diagnosis parameters, etc.), usually at the beginning of machine tool working state to the output of these parameters for record keeping, after a period of time to work, then the output with the original data for comparison, contrast, can help to determine whether a machine work to maintain normal.

4. Servo unit servo unit consists of actuator and drive motor, and it is composed of CNC Milling of the execution parts and mechanical transmission parts on the machine tool. Its purpose is to convert the pulse signal from the numerical control device into the movement of the moving parts of the machine tool. For stepper motor, each pulse signal turns the motor around an Angle, which then drives the moving parts of the machine to move a small distance. Each of the actuating parts of the movement has a servo drive system, and the performance of the whole machine depends on the servo system.

5, driving gear drive to enlarge the command signal into mechanical movement, through a simple mechanical connection parts drive machine, made accurate positioning table or in accordance with the provisions, the trajectory of the relative motion of the rigid, finally work out drawings of parts required. Corresponding to the servo unit, the driving device has stepper motor, dc servo motor and ac servo motor. Servo unit and driving device can collectively known as servo drive system, it is the power unit of the machine work, the instruction of CNC device depends on the servo drive system into practice, therefore, servo drive system is an important part of CNC Milling.

6. Programmable Controller (PC, Programmable Controller) is a general-purpose automatic control device based on microprocessor and designed for application in industrial environment. Since the purpose of the device was originally developed to solve the Logic and switch control of the production equipment, it was called a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC, Programmable Logic Controller). When PLC is used to control the sequence of Machine tools, it can also be called the programming Machine Controller (PMC). PLC has become an indispensable control device for CNC Milling. CNC and PLC coordinate to complete the control of CNC Milling.

7. Measuring device for measuring feedback device also called feedback elements, including grating, rotary encoder, laser rangefinder, magnetic grating, etc. Usually installed on the machine table or screw, the machine table of actual transfer into electrical signal feedback to NC device, for CNC equipment and instruction value comparison error signal, to control the direction of the machine tool to eliminate the error. Working principle: when using CNC Milling, the geometry information and process information of the processed part drawings should be prepared in the specified code and format. Then process the input to the numerical control device, according to the requirements of the program, through the numerical control system information processing, distribution, making each coordinate several minimum displacement, realize the relative motion of the cutter and workpiece, complete parts processing.

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