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CNC Machining Center To Deal With The Attention Of Composite Materials
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

CNC Machining center to deal with the attention of composite materials
Now the use of composite materials more and more, the use of CNC Machining centers for processing more stringent materials, and high precision, but in the processing technology and parameters, the choice of tools to be careful to prevent problems caused by waste.
1. Because the composite material size is relatively large, hardness and strength are relatively high, are difficult to process the material, so the use of CNC Machining center processing time cutting force is relatively large, heat will be difficult to distribute, there may be resin softening phenomenon, resulting in tool wear Serious, as soon as possible with a carbon fiber processing tool, cutting speed should be greater than 500 / min, and the feeding speed must be small; recommended high hardness alloy knurled milling cutter, diamond diamond grinding wheel, diamond cutter or copper Diamond particles saw blade, you can also use composite materials for processing cutter, have a high rigidity, low spiral angle characteristics, effectively reduce the axial cutting force, reduce the stratification, improve the processing efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Because the interlayer strength of the carbon fiber composite material is low, it is easy to produce the delamination under the cutting force of the machining center, so the axial force is reduced when drilling or trimming. CNC Machining center in the drilling time, to high speed small feed, speed control in the 3000 ~ 6000r / min, feed to 0.01 ~ 0.04mm / r; generally use the overall hard alloy drill, according to drilling titanium alloy Of the cutting parameters for drilling, drilling from the side of the composite until drilling until the drilling, in the drilling time to add lubricant, reduce the friction of friction, to ease the composite material burns.
  3. When using CNC Machining center for processing of composite materials, because the composite material is mostly powder, the health hazards of the operator is relatively large, to use a vacuum cleaner to dust, or use water to reduce dust pollution The
  The use of CNC Machining centers need to control the various actions to control the order of action to control the displacement of the various moving parts, if the CNC Machining center power supply unit can not power, will affect the normal work of the processing center, let's analyze the next power supply The reason why the unit can not be powered on.
  There are two lights on the CNC Machining center power supply, one is the green power indicator, one is the red power alarm light.
  1. The power supply unit of the CNC Machining center includes the power input unit and the power control part. If the green power indicator does not light when the power supply can not be turned on, it means that because the input voltage is high or the components of the power supply unit itself are damaged, Causing the fuse of the power supply unit F1, F2 has been blown.
  2. Power supply unit internal components are damaged, the power can not be connected, check the voltage into the power supply unit, the voltage of the allowable value AC200V +10%, 50HZ ± 1HZ; power indicator light, but the alarm light is turned on because the power is on ) Conditions are not satisfied.
  There are three power-on conditions:
 (1) Power ON button closed;
 (2) power OFF button closed;
 (3) The external alarm contact is open.
  3. Power unit alarm light, 24V output voltage insurance fuse.
  (1) Poor display / manual data entry board;
  (2) Monitor screen Use + 24V voltage to check if + 24V is short with ground.

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