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CNC Machining Center By Which Components
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

CNC Machining center by which components
From the main point of view, CNC Machining center machine mainly consists of the following major components:
(1) basic components
The base part consists of a bed, a column and a table, which are mainly subjected to the static load of the CNC Machining center and the cutting load generated at the time of machining. Therefore, it must be of sufficient strength. These large pieces are usually cast iron or welded Of the pot structure is the largest CNC Machining center in the volume and quality of the basic components.
(2) Spindle parts
It is composed of spindle box, spindle motor, spindle and spindle bearing, etc. The movements of the spindle start, stop and speed are controlled by the CNC system and participate in the cutting movement through the tool mounted on the spindle, which is the power output part of the cutting.
(3) Feeding mechanism
It is composed of a feed servo motor, a mechanical transmission device and a displacement measuring element, etc. It drives the moving parts such as the table to form the feed movement.
CNC Machining center
(4) CNC system
CNC Machining center of the NC part of the NC device, PLC, servo gear and operation panel and other components. It is the control center to complete the processing process.
(5) automatic tool change system
The Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) consists of a magazine, a robot, etc. When a tool change is required, the CNC commands the robot to load the tool from the magazine into the spindle hole by the robot (or by other means) The
CNC Machining center
 (6) auxiliary device
  The auxiliary device includes lubrication, cooling, chip removal, protection, hydraulic, pneumatic and inspection systems. Although these devices are not directly involved in the cutting movement, but the NC machining center processing efficiency, processing accuracy and reliability play a role in retaining and therefore, is also an indispensable part of the CNC Machining center.
In the operation of CNC Machining center, we need to pay attention to what the problem? First of all we need to CNC Machining center has a comprehensive understanding, followed by attention to the following aspects of the problem Caixing.
     1, CNC Machining center in power, to immediately check the switch button, the indicator light is normal, if there is abnormal to immediately shut down and reported to the maintenance staff.
     2, before the formal processing of CNC Machining center coordinates to zero, so that the machine can only be idle for more than 15 seconds before the official operation.
     3, CNC Machining center In order to simplify the positioning and installation, there is no positioning in the surface have a relative processing of the origin, have a precise coordinate size.
     4, in the installation to ensure that the processing of the workpiece travel within the scope of the spindle.
     5, in the installation of the workpiece, to ensure that the workpiece installation of the fastening, but also should not be too tight and lead to the loss of positioning accuracy.
  6, the workpiece and CNC Machining center contact surface flatness to 0.02mm above the surface finish to Ra1.6 or more.
     7, in the CNC Machining center operation, remember not to receive and head and other positions into the machine outside the protective cover, so as to avoid accidents.
     8, in the spindle is not in the state, do not allow the installation of disassembly tool, so as not to damage the spindle or affect the accuracy.
     9, the installation of large parts must pay attention to gently, so as not to hurt the CNC Machining center table.
    10, every day before get off work, to clean up the CNC Machining center, use the oil to wipe the fuselage, and keep the external ground clean and tidy.
    11, fill in maintenance and maintenance reports, transfer to do a good job transfer work.

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