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Choose The Four Principles Of CNC Milling
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

Choose the four principles of CNC Milling
Now a lot of CNC Milling types, models are also many different CNC Milling different parts of the processing, so many friends do not know what kind of CNC Milling to meet or meet the workpiece processing requirements, the following to give you the choice of the time Four principles.
First, according to the size of the workpiece to choose
Small CNC Milling table width mostly below 400mm, suitable for processing small and medium parts; large processing center table size in the 500 ~ 600mm or more, suitable for large-size parts processing.
Second, according to the accuracy of the workpiece selection CNC Milling
   For CNC Milling accuracy of the standard countries have developed a precision standard, the general CNC Milling can meet the processing of most parts, but for the processing of high precision, to consider the precise CNC Milling.
Third, according to the characteristics of the workpiece to choose
   Some of the parts of the workpiece processing is not equal, and some surface contours, according to the geometry of the surface to determine whether the choice of coordinates or coordinate system linkage system.
Fourth, according to the processing of the bulk of the workpiece to choose
   Often processing the same type of workpieces, but also large quantities can choose special CNC Milling; also according to the specific requirements of choice, CNC Milling a higher degree of automation, not only can reduce the labor intensity of workers, but also improve production efficiency.
 CNC Milling is automatic processing equipment, a variety of forms, but there are many similarities, the following to introduce the operation of CNC drilling machine safety protection measures.
 1. Controllable acceleration function
CNC Milling frequency control function, when the speed is zero start, according to the requirements of smooth acceleration, in the acceleration curve can choose, linear acceleration, S-shaped acceleration or automatic acceleration; through the frequency of the start when the motor or connected Of the mechanical part will produce violent vibration, further exacerbating the milling machine wear and loss, in order to prevent damage, you can start the frequency conversion application in a similar filling line.
  2. Adjustable speed
CNC Milling can quickly change the speed of operation according to the process, through the remote control PLC or other controller to achieve speed changes, the use of frequency control can optimize the process of the process.
  3. Adjustable torque limit
CNC Milling through the frequency control of the corresponding torque limit to protect the parts to ensure continuity of the process and product reliability; At present, CNC Milling frequency conversion technology can control the torque limit, the torque accuracy can be controlled In the frequency of about 3% to 5%; in the frequency mode, the milling machine motor by detecting the current value or thermal protection to control the torque limit, can not be set in the same frequency control as the exact torque to action.
Modern industry, CNC Milling to play the effect of no doubt, then we are aware of the purchase and installation, CNC Milling to do what aspects of the work? To ensure that the CNC machine tool equipment in the future normal operation.
CNC Milling preparation and adjustment, ready to detect tools, adjust and adjust the level of precision milling, so that the accuracy of the error within the allowable range, and the use of a lot of support to ensure the stability of CNC Milling; manual manipulation of the way, adjust the robot and The relative position of the spindle, the installation of the re-handle when the knife to the spindle position to exchange, to achieve accurate and accurate impact; the table to move to the exchange position, adjust the relative position of the plug to exchange Action balance, and exchange of adjustments

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