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Analysis Of The Research On Prospect Of Die Casting Industry In China
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

Die casting industry after years of development, has made a lot of progress, but still has many problems of its development. Domestic enterprise to continue efforts to transform mechanism, developing awareness of specialized production, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure of casting molds. The past, under the planned economy, large enterprises have mold plant (workshop), manufacturing capabilities and strong technical force, accounts for a considerable proportion of Chinese mold production, in addition to a small number of standard parts purchased outside, most of the work were completed by the mold factory, resulting in low levels of specialization, standardization. Bound by the enterprise management system, manufacturing cycle length, can not meet the market demand.

However, after entering the WTO, China's die casting industry gradually into the world trade. Through complete planned reforms will affect the elimination, therefore, die commercialization will be greatly improved, and will accelerate the pace of joint-stock system reform of State-owned enterprises, the development of private and individual enterprises, make large changes in the structure of industrial enterprises. Socialization of industry will strengthen cooperation and specialization, which are effective measures to resist the impact of the accession to the World Trade Organization.

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