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An Analysis Of The Causes Of Poor Processing And Cracking Of Stamping Parts
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Sep 13, 2017

An Analysis of the Causes of Poor Processing and Cracking of Stamping Parts
Stamping Parts of the wide application should have been beyond our imagination, almost all areas of life will be involved. But everyone in the use of this Stamping Parts, always encounter some problems, regardless of what is the time to solve the Stamping Parts of these failures.
Encountered processing Stamping Parts of the poor, the conventional approach is to first according to the material, product structure to determine the amount of deformation compensation; and then according to the amount of compensation design stamping out of finished products or semi-finished products; and further processing semi-finished products to finished products. The Stamping Parts on the more common adverse phenomena include cracks, wrinkles, strain, uneven thickness, not forming and other tapping and thread processing.
In the stamping process a little careless, there will be a variety of defects, such as Stamping Parts of the situation. When the Stamping Parts by the internal stress, external impact or environmental conditions, etc., will be in its surface or internal cracks generated.
This cracking phenomenon usually occurs in the corners of the Stamping Parts. The thickness of the cracked parts is greatly reduced. In order to prevent cracking, the structure of the Stamping Parts, the forming process and the mold design should be analyzed and the corresponding measures should be taken.
From the stamping of the structural aspects of the improvement, the requirements of its radius as large as possible, the surface shape in the depth of the deep depth of the depth of the depth of some of the depth of the same, the shape as simple as possible and change as gentle as possible, possibility.
If the drawing process from the point of view, the drawing of the drawing direction as far as possible so that the punch and the blank contact area, a reasonable pressure surface and the pressure side of the pressure of the various parts of the binder surface resistance evenly and reduce the depth of drawing , Open the process hole and process incision and so on.
In addition, the rational design of the mold can also prevent cracking, rationality is reflected in the stamping die die deepening tendons, the use of larger mold fillet, punch and die gap between the reasonable and so on.
In the field of transportation, chemical, medical, electronics, agricultural machinery, etc. need to be Stamping Parts processing process, because in the assembly or installation is also reached the best technical advantages. In recent years, began to introduce advanced first-class stamping equipment and die, in the processing to be able to have a certain technical characteristics. In such a processing can be able to have a new quality advantage.
With more and more types of Stamping Parts, the variety of models, for the processing of the selectivity is more. Only the combination of this advanced equipment and sheet metal to be able to meet the customer's processing requirements. Stamping processing of the field involves a wide range, improve the performance characteristics in this regard.
Of course, the Stamping Parts of the equipment in the factory are dedicated, because in such a mold which has the advantages of processing and molding technology, in the past few years which brought the technical advantages and characteristics, created in the field of metal processing features Where.
 Stamping Parts with the scope of the application more and more widely, people on the Stamping Parts processing technology is not very understanding,
Stamping process can be divided into separation process and forming process (also divided into bending, drawing, forming) two categories.
The separation process is in the stamping process so that the Stamping Parts and blank along a certain contour line separated from each other, while the Stamping Parts of the quality of the cross section to meet certain requirements;
The forming process is such that the stamping blank is plastically deformed under non-destructive conditions and is converted into the desired finished product shape, and the dimensional tolerances and the like are also required.
According to the temperature when the stamping cold stamping and hot stamping in two ways. This depends on the strength, plasticity, thickness, degree of deformation, and equipment capacity of the material, taking into account the original heat treatment conditions and end-use conditions of the material.

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