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CNC Machining Technology Is Facing A Severe Test
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

CNC Machining technology is facing a severe test
As we all know, by the independent research and development of production centers and foreign advanced processing center compared to domestic processing center is slightly worse, both in technology, service, design, performance and reliability can not be compared with foreign advanced countries, processing centers, This shows that the domestic processing center in a low stage, but I believe that in the near future China's CNC Machining technology can go beyond the current stage of the international level of technical level of CNC Machining. At present, China's CNC Machining in the face of many serious tests, especially the processing center, the processing center is the most widely used at this stage of a processing equipment, so our machine center in the processing center attaches great importance. Here by Xiaobian to introduce domestic processing center at this stage to face what kind of severe test it

  As China's CNC Machining industry started relatively late, it will count a few decades, so the technology is not mature enough. And foreign CNC Machining has been developed for decades or even hundreds of years, we can see that foreign CNC Machining has a strong experience in China's CNC Machining technology than foreign advanced countries, CNC Machining. Machining centers are more intensive machine tools, so the development of the processing center requires a wide range of technical personnel investment. At this stage of the international level of the processing center are showing a professional, high-speed, precision of the development trend, domestic processing center would like to level with the international level of the processing center with the struggle, must be in the technology beyond the international level of the processing center , And a new step, in order to compete with the international level of the processing center.
 The technical level of domestic machine tools and foreign machine tools is very different, especially in the technical level of speed is relatively large, but there are other aspects of a certain gap, such as processing accuracy, stability, reliability and service life are very Big gap. Today Xiaobian mainly introduced the domestic high-speed machining centers and foreign high-speed machining center speed gap, where the speed is the spindle speed and three-axis movement speed.
  On the total, China's CNC Machining technology is facing a severe test, so we together for the domestic NC processing refueling, hope that the domestic NC machining with the international level of the NC processing match, go abroad, to the world.

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