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What Are The Technical Characteristics Of CNC Milling Parts?
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

What are the technical characteristics of CNC Milling Parts?
CNC milling center can process a variety of rotary surface, such as inside and outside the cylindrical surface, inside and outside the conical surface, thread, groove, end and forming surface, the processing accuracy up to IT8 IT7, surface roughness Ra value of 1.6 to 0.8, Commonly used to process a single axis of the parts, such as straight and general disk, sets of parts and so on.
If you change the installation location of the workpiece or the appropriate modification of the lathe, you can also process multi-axis parts (such as crankshaft, eccentric wheel, etc.) or disc cam. Single-piece small batch production, all kinds of shafts, plates, sets and other parts of the multi-choice of wide selection of horizontal lathe or CNC lathe for processing; large diameter and short length (length to diameter 0.3 to 0.8) of large parts, Vertical lathe processing.
Process characteristics
1, CNC Milling Parts easy to ensure that the workpiece surface accuracy of the processing
A For example, easy to ensure coaxial degree requires the use of chuck to install the workpiece, the rotation axis is the lathe spindle rotation axis before and after the use of top-mounted workpiece, the rotary axis is the top of the center line
B easy to ensure that the vertical and horizontal axis requirements from the slide plate guide, and the workpiece rotation axis of the vertical
2, CNC milling part of the cutting process is more smooth to avoid the inertia force and impact, allowing the use of a larger amount of cutting, high-speed cutting, which will help improve productivity.
3, suitable for non-ferrous metal parts finishing non-ferrous metal parts surface roughness large value of the required value of small, should not be used grinding, the need for turning or milling. When you use fine diamond turning, you can achieve high quality.
4, CNC milling tool simple tool manufacturing, grinding and installation are more convenient.
The quality of CNC Milling Parts is expressed by the precision of machining
 First, the interchangeability of parts

CNC Milling Parts manufacturers, the machine by the long-term production and operation, some parts will inevitably wear, deformation and scrapped, for the new parts. These parts are called accessories or spare parts. Accessories or spare parts without repair or choice, installed on the machine will be able to run, known as interchangeability.
In order to achieve interchangeability, in the manufacture of parts, the parts of the size, geometry and so do the same. The so-called consistency is not required to do the score is not bad (this is neither economic nor impossible), as long as the parts of the size, geometry and other control within a permissible range, so that parts and other parts have the same Combined with performance on the line. This is the allowable range of error, that is, shape and position tolerance.
CNC Milling Parts quality with processing accuracy to represent:
1. Geometric accuracy
Geometric accuracy refers to the accuracy of the geometrical shapes of the surfaces or axes of the constituent parts, such as whether the lines are straight, whether the faces are flat, and whether the regular sections on the columns are circular. The allowable range of variation is represented by "geometric tolerance", and the smaller the shape tolerance is, the higher the shape accuracy is.
2. Dimensional accuracy
CNC Milling Parts manufacturers analysis, dimensional accuracy refers to the accuracy of parts after processing the size of the "size tolerance" to represent. When the dimensions of the parts are the same, the higher the accuracy, the smaller the tolerance figure.
3. Position accuracy
CNC Milling Parts manufacturers, location accuracy refers to the composition of the various parts of the surface between the accuracy of the location, such as whether the two planes are parallel, whether vertical, whether the coaxial axis, etc. to "position tolerance" to represent.

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