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The Main Source Of Pollution In CNC Milling
Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

The main source of pollution in CNC Milling

With the development of new technology, new technology, precision casting, cold extrusion, CNC Milling, direct stacking and other molding technology and engineering plastics in the mechanical manufacturing applications are increasingly developed, from the shape of parts to precision forming, profiling direction. With free-form manufacturing instead of cutting, some forming parts do not need mechanical processing, you can directly use, so not only can save the conservative blank manufacturing energy consumption, material consumption, but also greatly reduces the product manufacturing cycle and production costs.

Mechanical processing of the main source of pollution, and the cost of cutting fluid costs about 16% of the cost of manufacturing parts to solve the problem caused by cutting fluid is the most effective way to use green cutting technology. Green cutting technology is a kind of processing technology that energetically considers environmental and resource problems, requiring the least pollution to the environment and the highest utilization rate of resources throughout the processing.
CNC Milling, whether it is energy saving, materials, decoration, price, weight, etc. are dominant. Is aluminum and aluminum, aluminum, aluminum and other aluminum products are containing aluminum components, aluminum mechanical processing radiator is the best choice of a material. The existence of the problem is the combination of several aspects, from the production of radiators in terms of terms. Only from the perspective of bending just as steel, but the heat pipe is definitely less than aluminum heat; from the price point of view, it is a special point; from the anti-corrosion steel is the first anti-corrosion, the process cumbersome, and aluminum The alloy is oxidized or directly protected. Therefore, the aluminum alloy made of the radiator in terms of which aspects, are better than other materials made of radiator.
CNC Milling practice on the basis of titanium plating process to increase the pre-plating and electroplating process steps, are coating technology, processing materials, titanium plating process. The pre-plating process is to place the activated plating in the aqueous solution of salt and hydrochloric acid. The plating solution contains nickel sulfate, nickel chloride, boric acid, sodium dodecyl sulfate, saccharin, brightener, The process has the advantages of simplicity, practicality, good effect and so on. The hardness of the titanium alloy made by the aluminum processing process is 25 times higher than that of the plating 22K gold, which can be processed into various forms of gold , Black, black and other bright series of aluminum products.
As the aircraft, rockets and engine parts have different characteristics: aircraft and rocket zero, component size, complex surface; engine zero, small size, high precision.

So the mechanical processing of aircraft, rocket manufacturing sector and the engine manufacturing sector selected CNC machine tools are different. In the manufacture of aircraft and rocket manufacturing to the use of continuous control of large CNC Milling machine, and in the engine manufacturing both the use of continuous control of CNC machine tools, but also the use of point control CNC machine tools (such as CNC drilling machine, CNC boring machine, machining center, etc.) The

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