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The Research and Development of CNC

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Nov 24, 2017

 With the developmentof science and technology, the use of miniature precision machinery is becomingmore and more, manufacturing 3D micro parts with micro machine is becoming morepopular. In order to satisfy the demand of the product miniaturization, thispaper designs the architecture of the micro grinder CNC system,designs thehardware architecture of the CNC system, designs the software architecture ofthe CNC system and designs the servo system as well. The research will promotethe development of miniature machine tools, and fill the domestic blank in thisfield, but also provide a good experimental platform for the study on themanufacturing technology of micro parts.

     The hardwaredesign of the CNC grinding machine adopts a double CPU structure of PC+NC, usingthe IPC which based on Windows operating system to actualize the foregroundcontrol, the PMAC works as the background motion controller.The IPC and thePMAC with the high-speed electric spindle, servo motor, servo driver comprisethe three axis linkage micro grinder .

     The softwareoperation interface of the Micro grinder CNC system is developed with thevisual programming tool VB6.0, by calling the Pcomm32.dll dynamic link libraryfunction, realizing the motion control and management to micro grinding machine.According to the special requirement of the micro machine tools, CNC systemalso added a video microscope module, in order to realize the machining processmonitoring and precision tool setting. The entire operating interface adoptsthe idea of modular design, can realize the manual operation, automaticprocessing, parameter setting, state display and video microscope fuctions,andetc.

     The Servo systemof the micro grinder using the closed loop servo control structure, in order tomeet the requirements of the machining precision and stability of the grindingmachine. This paper also designs a self-adaptive fuzzy PID controller, aftersummarizing the characteristics and parameters of controller design, theclosed-loop system is simulated to obtain optimal PID parameters usingMatlab/Simulink, In order to improve the positioning accuracy of machine tooland servo tracking accuracy.


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