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Precision of CNC-milled titanium frameworks

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Jan 05, 2018

Abstract The purpose of this report was to describe a new technique to fabricate one-piece, implant-supported titanium frameworks by means of a computer numeric-controlled (CNC) milling technique, and to compare the fit of these frameworks with conventional cast prostheses. The study comprised 20 patients who were provided with 5 standard Branemark implants each in the edentulous mandible. The fit of the first 10 prostheses with CNC-milled frameworks was measured by means of a 3-dimensional photogrammetric technique. The distortion of the center point of the framework cylinders was measured in relation to the master cast replicas. These measurements were compared with 10 randomly selected routine prostheses with cast frameworks. No significant differences were found between the 2 groups. The 3-dimensional distortion of the cylinders in the completed prostheses ranged from 3 to 80 microns; no passive framework was observed. More distortion was observed in the horizontal plane (x and y axes) as compared to the distortion in the vertical direction (z axis). The precision of fit of the first CNC-milled prostheses presented a comparable fit to the conventional cast frameworks. Consequently, this new technique could be a valid option for the routine fabrication of frameworks for implant prostheses.

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