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Numerical control transformation of machine tool in China than Japan slowed 24 years

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

"The predicted 2022 24th after the Winter Olympics, there are 300 million people in China engage in skiing. But in China's snow machines are almost entirely dependent on imports. "On March 23, Shi Yong, Deputy Director of the Institute of mechanical industry information" baiwanzhuang Forum "on said.

Expert query results showed, in the Derwent World Patents Index database (DWPI), as of August 15, 2015, patent applications relating to snowmaking technology amounted to 363, among which most are Japan, in second place is the United States. In addition, France, and Germany, and Switzerland, and Korea, has submitted a considerable number of patent applications. Number of patent applications in China are rare.

Shi Yong, equipment manufacturing industry still has much room for development in China, one is the manufacturing sector is still very low; the second is the huge market demand. Relatively complete industrial chain to provide systemic competitiveness of equipment manufacturing industry in China, there are more than 140,000 machinery manufacturers in China, 75,000 communications and device manufacturers, 104,000 transportation equipment manufacturer, supplier network over Japan five times.

Machinery industrial information Research Institute President Wang Wenbin said, compared with the international strong competitors, China's equipment manufacturing industry is still in a catch-up phase of advanced level, extensive development, core competencies shortage and insufficient influence the pace of industrial progress.

Patterns are reshaping global manufacturing was changed from unipolar to multipolar. Again become a commanding point of global economic competition in the manufacturing sector at the same time, high-end equipment manufacturing highlights.

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