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Intelligent manufacturing pandemic focused around the machine tool business style

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

As Germany's "industrial 4.0", the United States of "industrial Internet" and a series of proposed national strategy and realize the depth of information trends in manufacturing has been unstoppable, rushing toward the new round of industrial revolution. For this round of wave of the industrial revolution, in 2015, the Government was first proposed in the Government work report "made in China" 2025 "and" Internet + "two concepts, 2016 CPPCC to further emphasize that the" made in China "+ Internet" as soon as possible on a breakthrough, and large data, cloud computing, Internet of things was formally integrated into the "Thirteen-Five" plan.

Qinghai: "intelligent manufacturing" combines and characteristic industry

Recently, reporter from information and broadband Qinghai construction Office was informed that, for promote I province "intelligent manufacturing", and "green manufacturing" and Qinghai features industry, and advantage industry of depth fusion, since last year yilai I province through build 4 a model enterprise and 20 home model promotion manufacturing enterprise carried out has information integrated technology application, promote has Qinghai features industry production of change, for I province development cycle economic, and intensive using energy and resources, and reduced pollution, aspects provides has information support service, Also makes the integration of information and depth of modern manufacturing industry in our province.

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