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How can prolong the service life of hydraulic shearing machine

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

At the time of purchase, many people only care about the price, rather than product quality and service life as well as in the late, because it is not properly understood, are likely to buy hydraulic shears do not live up to their usage requirements and life, so buy these maintenance when you do the following:

(1) hydraulic shearing machine to maintain proper viscosity. Viscosity is the Intermolecular friction resistance when the size of the oil flow. Stick spent big Shi will increased pipeline in the of conveying resistance, work process in the energy loss increased, host no-load loss increased, temperature rose fast and work temperature high, in main pump sucking oil end may appeared "hole" phenomenon; cut Board machine hydraulic oil stick spent hours is cannot guarantee cut Board machine good of lubrication conditions, increased cut Board machine hydraulic system parts of wear and system leak increased, caused pump volume efficiency declined. Specific time of shearing machine hydraulic system pressure, operating temperature and actuator velocity may be. Suitable for high viscosity of high pressure, high temperature, low viscosity high speed should be chosen.

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