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High-end CNC machine tools production soared in Dongguan "machine substitutions" swapped out the new advantage

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

For highest in the National Board of private enterprises of Dongguan for five Technology Corporation, its core competencies from the low prices and excellent quality products now occupy the domestic market share of smart phones circuit boards 15%-20%. Zeng Guoquan, Chief Executive of the company said, the price advantage thanks to "substitution of the machine"-the enterprise has invested 350 million Yuan for the substitution of the machine, a 30% increase in the output value of enterprises.

Rising raw material prices, high labor costs, hiring more and more difficult, Foundry started "flying Southeast" ... ... The first "three to" labour-intensive industries such as the development of Dongguan, also encountered problems in the first place, and were also the first to start upgrading to address growing "worry". Zeng Guoquan said the machines after the substitution, products from the full automation of production, manufacture, materials, process and cut nearly half, production line equipment parameters are more stable, businesses regain a competitive edge.

As with five science and technology, focusing on precision component manufacturing company limited Dongguan Jin-Sheng precision components, pushing intelligence to realize the robot factory. The company's clients include Samsung, Amazon, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, and other famous enterprises. It is predicted that the entire project was put into operation, production efficiency 20%, 20% reduction in operating costs, shorten the product development cycle 30%, bad 30% reduction.

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