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Grinding machines, surface maintenance method

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

(1) precision surface grinding machine hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod side bed rails, tables and guides the parallelism of the variance. Correction according to the Assembly on a hydraulic cylinder, piston rod side bed, table and parallelism error of the Rails.

(2) hydraulic cylinder wear and deformation. Ying Heng mill repair or replacement of the hydraulic cylinder.

(3) bed, bench rail uneven wear or a scraping contact points contact points is too small. Check the bed, bench rail contact point and surface roughness requirements: scraping contact > 16/(25mmx25mm), surface roughness of Ra1.6 μ m.

(4) the piston and cylinder gap is too large, there is leakage. Should be equipped with a piston, requirements and cylinder gap between 0.04~0.06mm.

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