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Bending machine operating procedures

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

Hi-Tech in development, folding bent machine of uses increasingly widely, according to understand has a is h type NC folding bent machine mold, its structure than Qian two species has is big different, its for lever type structure, General for big tonnage NC folding bent machine mold, through lever zoom principle, put force zoom. While its used electric \\ liquid \\ number combined of location control, makes its in with tonnage of NC folding bent machine mold Shang price especially high. but domestic can production this species models of manufacturers does not more, NC hydraulic Board material NC folding bent machine mold bed of main features: WC67K type NC folding bent machine mold, used plate welding structure, vibration limitation elimination stress, machine has is good of rigid and stability, whole machine frame rigid good, work smooth, and security reliable, and operation convenient, through NC folding bent machine mold NC system and hydraulic system of coordination control, reached ideal of folding bent effect.

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