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Application and maintenance of the ball screw

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

With the extensive use of CNC machine tools in China and automation equipment, high efficiency and energy saving, precision ball screw driven by using more and more.

Properly used and maintained, it is also a common thing. A variety of mechanical devices, installation ball screws and pay attention to the following matters:

(1) is a precision ball-screw drives must be lubricated. Recommended in the nut potassium soap base grease and 1~3 turbine oil lubrication.

(2) as the ball screw and rolling bearings, mixed with dust, foreign body, will reduce the service life. Therefore, screw protective cover must be used to protect it. Most of all kinds of ball screws have been equipped with labyrinth seal ring to prevent dirt entering the ball screw inside. In addition, when used in place of scrap metal into the screw, you should also consider using on the screw length screw sleeve protection.

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