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Analysis about compensation method for CNC machining

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Analysis about compensation method for CNC machining

In the CNC machining process, because of the shape of the tool and the trajectory of the problem, this is not a matter, we can by the compensation method to solve, commonly used compensation methods for CNC machining have the following three kinds.


1.Tool length compensation

Just about the length compensation of CNC machining center and Z coordinates, unlike X, Y plane programming tool is zero; by the taper of spindle orientation but not changed, and the zeros of the Z coordinates of each knife length is different.


2.Tool radius compensation

CNC machining center has the tool radius compensation, making program can be neglected when the diameter of the tool size, tool length compensation is applied to all of the tool, and the tool radius compensation is generally used for milling cutter.


CNC machining center tool radius compensation is a relatively difficult to understand and use instructions, so in programming are not willing to use, in fact, understand and master the use, or programming and processing to bring great convenience.


3.Offset compensation of clamp

The machining center fixture offset can not consider the position of the workpiece fixture fixture offset when the workpiece CNC machining center is small, a fixture can clamp the workpiece several, without considering the coordinates in the programming of each workpiece zero only according to their own programming, programming zero point, and then use the fixture the bias to move each workpiece on the program zero.


The above is commonly used three kinds of compensation methods for CNC machining, do you want to know more about principles of CNC machining?

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