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After two sessions with ten new areas involved in CNC machine tool

Weimi Hardware Tech. Company | Updated: Apr 05, 2016

Which in intelligent manufacturing aspects, gold highest of expressed is "organization development has depth perception, and wisdom decision, and automatically implementation function of high-end NC machine, and industrial robot, and increased material manufacturing equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment and intelligent of line, breakthrough new sensor, and intelligent measurement instrument, and industrial control system, and servo motor and the drive and reducer, intelligent core device, advance engineering of and industrialization", "and manpower layout and promoted intelligent transport, and intelligent engineering mechanical, and service robot, and intelligent appliances, and Intelligent lighting appliances, wearable devices, such as product development and industrialization ".

And in high-end equipment innovation aspects, related expressed of gold reflected in forward sex technology Shang, like "full breakthrough fifth generation mobile communications (5G) technology", and "height concern Subversion sex materials on traditional material of effect, do superconducting material, and nano material, and graphite en, and biological base material, strategy frontier material ahead of layout and development", and "achieved biological 3D print, and induced more can stem cell, technology of breakthrough and application,".

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